Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021


Our resident Sleep expert Anandi... has been-there-done-that (with regards to sleep, that is), and knows what’s it’s like to wake up in the midnight hours, and not nod back off!...

We quizzed Anandi to give us her best tried-and-tested tips to help you nod back off when you wake and everyone else is sound asleep.

Breathe Through It

The very best breathing exercise to quiet the mind is the simple belly breath. The belly breath is not a forced breath – it is a breathing practice that is completely relaxed. The best way is just to put your hands on your belly. Do not try to do anything with your breath, just focus on your hands. The breath will follow your attention. Just try and relax, keeping your awareness in your hands (on your belly) and the breath will magically lengthen and deepen. Sleep will follow.

Use The Paradox Principle

Psychologist and author of Night School, Richard Wiseman, believes that telling yourself you’re not allowed to go back to sleep will have the opposite effect. A classic case of tricking the brain into doing the opposite… worth a try!

Spritz On Sleep

Spray NEOM Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist over your bed and slip beneath the covers knowing that each and every sleepy inhalation will be filled with fragrant oils known to encourage restfulness.