Your Stories Are What Keeps Me Going

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 14, 2021

Your Stories Are What Keeps Me Going

Sometimes it’s all-too-easy to slip into autopilot, and lose sight of why you do the things you do. And the moments that bring you back are so precious - they remind you why you keep on going. For me and for the NEOM team, hearing one of your stories is all it takes. Every time I get an email or a message from a customer telling us how we’ve helped to boost their wellbeing I feel accomplished! Our aim at NEOM has always been about boosting the nation’s wellbeing through the small steps that make a big difference. It’s in our DNA and it’s why we come to work every day! So hearing stories from our community about how NEOM fits into their daily life makes me proud and inspires me to keep going!

Our products are dreamed up to fit seamlessly into your routine, but somehow hearing the different ways you all use them never fails to inspire me. And sometimes it’s easy to forget, too, that products are just part of it - the community we’ve built and the connections that we’ve all made have been such a joy so it’s amazing to hear our events and chats on social media have made a difference to you too. Yes, technology can be draining sometimes, but it also keeps us going and can be a real lifeline in times like this. Like the woman who emailed in after being made redundant, “I just wanted to say a massive thank you for saving my sanity this past year with your delightful products and upbeat tutorials. I was made redundant from my job of seventeen years and I’ve treated myself to the Wellbeing Pod, a few of the 3-Wick Candles and the Magnesium Body Butter and I am blown away.” It just drives home for me how products and aromatherapy are just one part of wellbeing and makes me believe our 360° approach is the right one.

NEOM always has and always will be about being here for you, in the small moments that add up to big changes, so when we hear that those little things have made a real difference it warms my heart and I feel so proud of everything we have achieved. For example, the customer who took time out of her busy days working in an operating theatre to let us know how making small swaps to natural products had made a difference to her, in the face of life-altering events, “Following the loss of my partner last year, your products (particularly for sleeping) have become special to me...I use them at regular intervals throughout the day depending on how I’m feeling...they feel special, almost like a natural ‘prescription’. The sleep essential oil works wonders in my yoga classes, I put a few drops on my hands and when I am in meditation I cup my hands over my nose.

“The whole office will think I’m absolutely crackers”, she went on to say, “I’m sure this is the longest email you’ve had in a while”. She couldn’t have been more wrong, we LOVE IT. 

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Nicola x