Yes, Naturals Really Do Work

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

Yes, Naturals Really Do Work

We're now a nation that wants pure, home-grown ingredients - whether it's what we put inside our bodies or onto our skin. And it's something that was at the forefront of our minds when we created our Skincare range.

With our Product Development team fully aware of how effective natural ingredients and extracts can be on the body, it seemed silly not to apply the same benefits to the face - just because most of our ingredients are from the soil doesn't mean they don't pack a punch. Plus, cultures have been doing this for years. Turmeric has been used for centuries to brighten and invigorate skin, while the soothing powers of rose are recorded right back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans. 

Somewhere in between though, the power of naturals got forgotten - what with all the whizz kid technology and lab - made synthetics that were discovered, but now we're putting them back in the spotlight. We also know that rather than just using one natural at a time, blending them together into a potent skin-friendly formula is where it's at. 

Take our Ultimate Calm range. As well as rose and lavender oils to help soothe both your mood and your skin, it contains pomegranate seed oil that helps rejuvenate skin cells and naturally derived hyaluronic acid (from wheat, corn and yeast) an excellent moisturiser to feed your depleted skin full of moisture and help any dryness that is scuppering your smooth complexion. And let's not forget the baobab oil - positively overflowing in powerful antioxidants AND with vitamin C (6 times more than an orange in fact), while some products containing the antioxidant rich vitamin can be astringent, this is gentle enough for anyone to use. It has properties which help fighting free radicals left, right and centre, it helps keep collagen and what goes on in the lower levels of your skin ticking along nicely. 

The same rules apply in our Great Day Glow range. The complexion boosting turmeric (a good natural alternative to the brightening agent hydroquinone), which can give us a natural glow and revives skin, combined with prickly pear seed oil that helps to hydrate and feed skin essential vitamins and minerals. Paired with wheat germ oil and more of that beloved rose, which helps to quell any inflammation and redness to leave you with healthy-looking skin. Like when you've been on holiday, had that rest and come back refreshed and raring to go - for a couple of hours at least. 

And let's not forget our original Perfect Night's Sleep range. Really showing that naturals are unbeatable, 91% of users who tried the Face Oil felt that their skin was nourished, hydrated and restored*. We put it down to the wonders of almond oil and apricot oil - go-to's for essential oils experts when it comes to feeding skin what it's lacking. Helping whisk out a backlog of dirt and grime in pores too (oil attracts oil), it's why you'll wake up not only looking well-rested, but feeling like you've had a midnight facial too!

*Consumer usage research involving 54 women undertaken August 2017