Why New Year's intentions are so much better than resolutions

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 09, 2021

Why New Year's intentions are so much better than resolutions

If you’re a regular yogi you might be accustomed to setting an intention at the start of your practise. The same goes for those who are fans of a gratitude list. Even if you’ve never set an intention before, now’s the perfect time to think about doing so. More positive than resolutions which often focus on ‘fixing’ something or a big life overhaul, intentions are more realistic mini goals that don’t come laced with guilt if you don’t meet them. The little easy-peasy things we can all do to feel good.

“With a resolution we are saying we are definitely doing something with no room for movement but intentions lean more towards an awareness and consciousness of wanting to achieve something and working out how that will happen and leaving space for things to change and be done differently,” says Aimee Carlton, energy healer and founder of Life Rocks.

A gentler, kinder way of re-assessing, intentions don’t fall under the go hard or go home remit a resolution might, either. “It’s great to have big goals but don’t look at the end goal - the project is every step that gets you there,” continues Amiee. “The saying ‘it’s not the destination but the journey that matters is a really good lesson.” She cites the example of that classic ‘get fit and go to the gym five times a week’ resolution. Instead she recommends setting an intention such as ‘feeling stronger in your body and living healthier’. “The result may involve some gym sessions but also some food choices, time with inspiring friends, more walks in the park… it’s not really a success or a fail but an ‘am I living into my intention?’” Sounds way less daunting and actually quite do-able don’t you think?

Another benefit of choosing intentions over resolutions is that they can change over time - even every day. Rather than waking up on January 1st with your 2020 intentions stacked up, you could think about having a daily or weekly intention. “I recommend you do it straight after you wake up by taking a couple of deep breaths and thinking how you can be the best version of yourself that day,” says Alex Lisiecka, Head of Wellbeing at wellness space, Gazelli House. “Some people find it helpful to write down their intentions but do whatever feels good for you just to keep you in the right mind frame."

Making a list is a tactic Amiee also suggests but as well as intentions she suggests listing everything you ‘want’ for 2020 and then alongside that, making a note of what these ‘wants’ will bring to you, how they will make you feel and what you need to change to achieve them. “You will find that you end up with much clearer intentions and less overall ‘wants’ because often the wants cross over into bundled intentions. Then you can look at whether your actions align with your intentions – being aware is one of the best tips.”

And remember – if you do go AWOL, don’t crucify yourself, you’re only human and every day is a new day. “Avoid words like ‘always’ or ‘never’ when you’re setting your intentions,” advises Alex. “Be kind to yourself and don’t set yourself up for failure.”

Still struggling for a starting point? We asked the experts their intentions for 2020 to kickstart your own ideas. “I intend to keep healthy and fit because it makes me feel mentally stronger and calmer and also to notice my presence, to be patient and let things grow rather than rushing everything,” says Amiee. As for Alex, it’s all about gut instinct. “In 2020 I would like to allow myself to trust my intuition more.”

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