Why I needed to make it

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 02, 2021

Why I needed to make it

Our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle has changed the game. Forever. (Even if I do say so myself). Born out of THREE reasons really.

ONE. We wanted our treatments to truly work hard on your wellbeing. “I am SO over someone tickling my back and listening to that clinky, clonky music playing (pretty annoyingly) in the background” I would say. (In case you didn’t know I am not a naturally calm person and need things to seriously work to help me relax). “They need to be DIFFERENT and have real purpose.” I said. So not only did we devise the BEST unique combo of seven naturopath techniques for our wellbeing treatments*, we devised a warming, nourishing hero product within it (not just a massage oil).

Enter the Intensive Skin Treatment Candle. We made it with just the right blend of natural ingredients so it would be super-nourishing on the skin (and felt HEAVENLY when drizzled down your back), and would be warming on muscles and also surrounded the treatment rooms with essential oils.

TWO. You asked. We listened. Simple. Getting itself a cult following from our treatment fans. It was a no brainer that we also made this into a product you could use to recreate that spa like treatment in the comfort of your own home.

THREE. Anyone else like a good deal? It’s no secret that I’m all for those multitasking products. The ones that do twice the stuff in half the time. The ones that not only smell amazing, but work on your wellbeing too. And our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle is LEADER of this club. Just light (inhale the essential oils which work to help you relax and/or prepare for sleep). Drizzle (nourishing oils work like a dream on dry and dehydrated skin). Then massage and feel good.

Oh, and FOUR. Super-luxe jug with real gold!

We’ve got a bit of a track record for our multi-tasking products. Try our Magnesium Body Butter out for size – a dose of magnesium + nourished skin + boosted wellbeing.

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*NEOM treatments are available exclusively at spa's across the country. Click here to find your nearest one.