Which Christmas vibe do you need?

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 14, 2021

Which Christmas vibe do you need?

What kind of vibe do you want to create in your home this Christmas?

Traditional and spicy?

Like being cosy and comfy at home. Smells like Christmas cakes baking in the oven.

If you hanker after a more traditional vibe, then it’s got to be Christmas Wish with mandarin, cinnamon and tonka bean. In this undeniable Christmas fragrance, the peel of the mandarins that are grown in the warm sunshine of Sicily, comes through intensely, followed by an almost floral neroli type note; warm and inviting but with the citrus burst at the top, it keeps it uplifting.

Next, comes the most powerful of notes - comforting and warming cinnamon leaf oil from Sri Lanka that is stimulating, energising and uplifting and has strong antiseptic properties. And finally, warm and sweet tonka bean absolute from Brazil. A further nine essential oils like woody and spicy ginger oil, soothing clove oil, sweet, comforting notes of creamy vanilla and sweet orange oil make up this wondrous winter blend, that is Christmas in a candle.

christmas wish candle  christmas wish pod

perfect peace

Modern and fresh?

Like walking through a wintry pine forest and breathing in the crisp air.

If you like something a little bit more modern, and fresher and a more Nordic take on Christmas then it’s going to be Perfect Peace with pine, myrrh and lime peel.
Crisp, aromatic pine needle essential oil produced from the leaves and twigs of Siberian fir, gives this blend its fresh, green and herbaceous scent with invigorating notes. Added uplifting and revitalising myrrh oil, zesty, sharp, fresh, citrus and fruity lime peel from South Africa and 17 others oils like lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint, neroli, frankincense and rosemary ensure this super complex expert blend is fresh yet works to sprinkle happy vibes around.

perfect peace candle  perfect peace pod starter pack

real luxury

Mellow and Calm?

Like being wrapped up in a cashmere blanket, whilst you hunker down.

If you need to create a chill zone, mellow out and feel the tension leave, then Real Luxury is for you. A real hard worker (NEOM founder Nicola developed this fragrance to help her anxiety), yet is a super soft and relaxing fragrance expertly blended with lavender oil that is steam distilled from the freshly cut flowers and grown in the mountains of France. Jasmine from Egypt which brings a honey-like note which is intensely floral and heady, plus Brazilian rosewood that is sweet and woody, floral and spicy with a hint of camphor and pepper. Add in another 21 pure essential oils like guaiac wood, juniper, sandalwood, sweet and smoky vetivert, and rose flower extract you’ve got those mellow and calming vibes this Christmas.

real luxury candle real luxury pod pack

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