When Nicola Met Poppy

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 09, 2021

When Nicola Met Poppy

Leicester Square on another Thursday morning and I meet the super-cool Poppy Jamie. What a woman. And what a guest to have on my first, ever podcast. The No B.S. Guide To Wellbeing.

To get straight to the point, Poppy created the amazing app Happy Not Perfect - an app she herself describes as a gym for the mind. Poppy is often travelling (having spent time in the US lately) spreading the Happy Not Perfect word. While Poppy was in London, I grabbed the chance to invite her to the studio and ask her all kinds of questions on happiness. 

We both arrived in Leicester Square at the studio where we record these podcasts - a place which always happen to be buzzing with activity no matter the time of day (we sometimes get to see a premiere being set up).

I have been a long time fan of the Happy Not Perfect app (especially with meditations that fit in with 'bathroom break' timing - as Poppy phrases it). Because those who know me, know I am a full on ball of energy - always ready for the next thing - which is good and (not so good for my brain) in equal measures. So on the train down to London (from our HQ in Yorkshire) I practised.

Poppy and I talked about mental health, keeping wellbeing real, how Poppy's Mum was her real inspiration for the launch of her app, AND I ask the million dollar questions...what is happiness and how do we truly achieve it?

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I also asked Poppy to give us her NO B.S. wellbeing toolkit, so here it is...

Poppy's NO B.S. Wellbeing Toolkit

1. Meditation walk every day, first thing in the morning

2. Happiness Workout to start my day

3. A good class - yoga or dance are my current favourites

4. A journal - currently a Smythson one for ideas and notes

5. Probiotics - a happy gut helps a happy mind

6. Books - knowledge is power, so I am always reading about mind health, spirituality and business

7. Keeping in touch with my family and best friends, keeps me grounded and happy

8. Magnesium - helps me sleep and when my travel schedule is crazy, it is a real magic potion! Oh and the Tranquillity Candle. It sends me to sleep every night!

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