What Are Team NEOM Diffusing At Home?

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 07, 2021

What Are Team NEOM Diffusing At Home?

Team NEOM are connecting on Zoom each day, and the opening question is always… “what scent have you got today?”, and… “Is anyone using one of the NEW ones?”. There’s just something about a zesty oil in the morning (if you need a pick-me-up), or an invigorating cooling scent for mental clarity (for those WFH and home-schooling vibes), or a soft and relaxing scent for the evening wind-down. Each of us has always picked something different, so we thought we’d give you some inspo into WHAT, WHERE, HOW to use our Essential Oil Blends.

“I am using Focus The Mind all day. I LOVE eucalyptus and always try to have a fresh bunch in the house which is why I am loving this NEW essential oil blend. It couldn’t have come at a better time now home is our new office. I have it in my pod throughout the day to help keep my mind alert and my concentration levels up. This oil also helps to clean and purify the air thanks to its antibacterial properties – one less job for me!” Katie, Ecommerce Trading Manager

“I am addicted to Feel Refreshed on my home desk every morning (and during my early morning online work out class). It’s light and refreshing (lemon is a known disinfectant which helps to clear the air) and the lemon scent is so zesty - it gets me geared up to chat and email all our lovely customers every morning. Then I switch it up as soon as I clock off to the NEW Bedtime Hero so I can prep for sleep to ensure I am ready to get those quality zzz's ready to feel energised for the next day.” Charlotte, Customer Care Manager

“I am using Happiness to lift my mood whilst I sit alone in my box-room-turned-office, working away. The scent fills the room really quickly and the neroli which is known to have uplifting properties keeps me mellowed out when it is so easy to get wrapped up in work and the constant negative news notifications. The only issue is my boyfriend keeps trying to steal it and take it to his office (aka the dining table downstairs).” Rachael, Customer Relationship Manager


Feel Refreshed (as I have run out of de-stress!). Using energy throughout the day gives me a quick pick me up, as I am first up, last to bed and need all the energy I can find to tackle home schooling, WFH and generally feeding everyone! The lemon and basil essential oils are refreshing and zingy and everyone in the home likes the smell!” Natalie, Customer Marketing Manager

“All hail Moment of Calm, if you ask me. The combo of rose - which really uplifts with neroli - which helps us de-stress, is simply the most comforting scent you could ask for - I have it going in my home study. Neroli is the most expensive essential out there, and coupled with rose - which is soothing and for me, feels like a comfort blanket, which, let’s be honest, we could all do with right now.” Lucy, Brand Manager

“I am all about the Feel Refreshed Oil in my work space right now, I can’t start my day until I’ve made a cuppa and popped a few drops into my Pod to get those positive WFH vibes going! I’ve also been bringing my Pod upstairs and filling my bedroom with the scent of Bedtime Hero's chamomile, cedarwood & ylang ylang (which has antibacterial properties) while I’m showering, by the time I come back into the room the scent has filled the room and I’m seriously ready for the zzz’s” Chloe, PR Manager

“I’m obsessed with Bedtime Hero, I use it every night whilst we’re watching TV in the living room then move the pod into my bedroom an hour before bed so it fills the room with the lovely chamomile scent. I love that it's a fruity scent yet still relaxing.” Jodie, Lead Designer

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