Wellbeing Warrior interview #5 with Emma Gannon

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

Wellbeing Warrior interview #5 with Emma Gannon

Emma Gannon (who recently profiled in Forbes 30 Under 30 List - woah) is the author of fab book Multi Hyphen Method (all about work and wellbeing) as well as creator of a brilliant series of Podcasts called Ctrl Alt Delete.

We asked Emma about her wellbeing story, which includes forgiving herself for silly mistakes, getting enough sleep, and how much she loves the Neom Energy Burst Bath & Shower Drops and how “the smell is amazing and it reminds me of being in a spa”.

Define good wellbeing for you?

Wellbeing to me means simply looking after myself. Anything from forgiving myself for silly mistakes, being kind to myself, getting enough sleep, making work decisions that prioritise my happiness, date nights with my boyfriend, planning down-time into my week, having a night in by myself to have a hot bath or eating nourishing food.

Describe a day of good wellbeing?

A day of wellbeing on a work day will consist of getting up at a time that feels good for my mind and body. One of the nicest things about working for myself is I don’t need to push myself to wake up ridiculously early if I don’t want to. I will have a nourishing breakfast, get lots of work done at my desk and then go for an afternoon walk to clear my head and pick up something yummy for lunch or a coffee. I will have a nice dinner with my boyfriend (no phones, TV or distractions) then curl up watching a good film with snacks. On a weekend, I love reading the weekend papers in bed and seeing friends or family in the afternoon. Going for a walk, eating nice food, or a Sunday roast with a glass of red wine.

What’s the one REAL WELLBEING thing you do each day – the failsafe that is in your wellbeing toolkit?

For me it is taking time to read something at least once a day that is not on an Internet screen. Even if it’s 10 minutes reading my book in my favourite armchair or on my bed. I find having a few minutes with a book switches a gear in my brain and makes me less frantic.

Who inspires you the most?

Sorry if this makes you sick in your mouth, but my boyfriend Paul really inspires me. He’s good at switching off and being present in the moment.

What book(s) do you recommend to feel good?

I am obsessed with Sally Rooney’s fiction at the moment (especially Normal People), you get so lost in the world of the characters, she really zooms in on relationships and subtle aspects of human nature. In terms of self-help I loved Unsubscribe by Jocelyn K. Glei. It’s very practical and not very long — it’s all about how to be more mindful when managing your Inbox.

What tech rules do you have (if any)?

I don’t really have any strict ones, but I delete apps off my phone when I’m holiday or put an out-of-office on that says I’m away. I used to include a message saying ‘if it’s urgent, text me’, but now I just make sure it’s clear I won’t be responding at all.

Favourite food tip/recipe you recommend?

I find that taking time to cook is part of what makes dinner time relaxing for me. Being alone with my thoughts for an hour cooking or listening to a podcast is just as important when it comes to wellbeing, as well as eating whatever I am making.

What’s your wellbeing challenge?

I check my phone right before I go to bed still, which I want to stop doing. But I don’t charge my phone by my bed anymore, so in the mornings I make sure I have a few moments to myself before checking it again. I once heard Ariana Huffington say that a huge percentage of Americans sleep with their phone in their bed or under their pillow and it really put me off having it near me while I sleep!

Wellbeing trends you’d like to try?

Reflexology! Really want to try it. Very intrigued.

Favourite NEOM product?

I absolutely adore the NEOM Energy Burst Bath & Shower Drops. I love dropping a pipette of relaxing oil onto my body whilst showering, the smell is amazing and it reminds me of being in a spa.