Wellbeing warrior interview #4 with Annie Clarke

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

Wellbeing warrior interview #4 with Annie Clarke

Into Yoga, food and wellbeing, Annie created Mind Body Bowl to help people focus on themselves as individuals. Super honest, we chatted with Annie about “feeling like a superwoman”, how Yoga is always her answer when feeling overwhelmed, plus her NEOM favourite “I love the Perfect Night’s Sleep Body Oil. It’s like a fast track to relaxation and feels wonderful on the skin too.”

What does Real Wellbeing mean to you?

It’s all about finding what works for you. Curiosity, exploration and flow. It isn’t one fixed end point, but a moment by moment check-in of how to enhance your mind and body through personal practices that make you feel good. Of course, that’s not realistic every day so bringing optimal wellbeing into my lifestyle usually looks like a ‘balance’ between my personal practices (yoga, meditation, maybe a workout of some sort) with creative projects and the work that I love. Food is a big part too. Simple healthy food that helps to keep me energised. And being with the people I love.

What’s the one Real Wellbeing thing, you do every day?

Tell someone I love them. My boyfriend every day, my friends and family as often as I can.

What super-simple ways bring Real Wellbeing into a very busy day?

Breathing conscious breaths for a couple of moments has such a powerful impact. You need nothing other than what you already have and it only takes a couple of seconds to feel the impact.

What book(s) do you recommend to feel good?

So many! The Happiness Advantage is a fave, I’m loving Dolly Alderton’s book at the moment to switch off and inspiring words in books such as Milk & Honey by Rupi Kaur get me feeling really human.

What tech rules do you have (if any)?

I try to stay off my phone in my room, and switch off my laptop in the evening. It’s not every day, but I always notice a massive difference when I do. Also, staying off my phone for the first few hours of the day is a game-changer, but a work in progress!

Favourite food tip/recipe you recommend with your wellbeing hat on?

It depends totally on the season, but right now a green smoothie bowl is my best feel-good food. Getting veggies in at breakfast (spinach in a smoothie bowl, tomatoes and mushrooms on toast, or leftover veggies from the night before with avocado and tofu) make me feel like superwoman.

What’s your wellbeing challenge?

I think it's remembering to say no and understanding the causes of being overwhelmed. I don’t notice myself get stressed, but then all of a sudden I realise I am totally overwhelmed, so I am working on that. Yoga is always my answer.

Wellbeing trends/ideas/practices you’d like to try?

I’m keen to try a cryogenic chamber. But I think mainly because I am so intrigued by how cold it really feels! I am not sold on the benefits but wont knock it til I’ve tried it!

Favourite NEOM product?

I found NEOM originally through a friend who had a candle on her coffee table and loved it from then on. I love the Perfect Night’s Sleep Body Oil. I use it in savasana in my classes, as well as before I sleep. It’s like a fast track to relaxation and feels wonderful on the skin too.

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