Wellbeing warrior interview #3 with Cat Meffan

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 01, 2021

Wellbeing warrior interview #3 with Cat Meffan

Instagram-extrodinaire Cat Meffan is not only a fab yoga teacher, she is also a damn brilliant believer in real wellbeing.

We asked Cat about her wellbeing story and got to hear her beliefs in balance, doing what you love, and that “Neom candles honestly just put a smile on my face”. Plus that she also too suffers with “anxiety and down days.”

Define good wellbeing for you?

It's all about balance... that word that you're probably all sick of hearing. But it's true! Wellness is about doing what you love, filling your free time (and if you don't have any, make some) with people and activities that bring you joy, eating the foods that nourish your body, along with some of the foods that nourish your soul (aka chocolate and pizza!), keeping your body fit as well as your mind.

What does a day of optimal well being look like to you?

Every day is different so me, so no day is ever the same. Wellness for me comes in many forms, but since adopting our dog, taking time outside with him is so awesome. Leaving my phone at home, walking around the field and being present allows me time to connect with both myself and nature.

What’s the one Real Wellbeing thing you do each day?

Breathing. Yes, we all do it, we need to, to survive, but rarely do we do it properly or actually think about it. I like to meditate, but sometimes I don't, so taking just a few minutes each day no matter where I am (in the car, on the train, walking from one meeting to the next, waiting for the kettle to boil), to breathe deeply into my belly and observe how my body and mind are feeling is key to every day.

Who inspires you the most? And why?

So many people! I'm inspired by lots of my fellow blogging friends totally bossing it in the online and real world. Also yoga teachers like Hannah (@gypsyon) and her partner Pablo, Marcus Veda, Erin Kelly and Dylan Werner. My parents are also huge inspirations. They've always worked so hard and although I wish they'd stop for a little more chill time, their work ethic is amazing and it's something I look up to. They are also just really kind and loving humans who have done their best for me, my brother and sister. And my grandma... she's just awesome and so knowledgeable!

What book(s) do you recommend to feel good?

I read lots of styles of books - currently reading Love's Executioner - but when I just want to zone out, I go for a thriller.

What tech rules do you have (if any)?

No phones at the dinner table, no phones in the bedroom and we try to have a phone ban after 8pm. It's hard and sometimes we don't keep it up, but we do our best.

Favourite food tip/recipe you recommend with wellbeing hat on?

Everything in moderation. It's what my mum has been telling me my whole life and finally at the age of 30 after eating disorders and trying many diets, I really do think she was right. I eat meals that are full of colour, but if I want a little sweet treat then I'll absolutely have it.

What’s your wellbeing challenge?

I suffer with anxiety and experience down days. Only last week I was going through a foggy few days, struggling with motivation. The key was to let it happen and to accept it. The more I fought against it, felt ashamed of myself and had a negative inner dialogue, the worse it got. I just needed to stop. Take a day for myself to re-energise and reset.

Wellbeing trends/ideas/practices you’d like to try?

I'm always open to new practices and workout classes, but at the moment I'm quite settled with what I've got going on. I'm going to get more into calisthenics and back to gymnastics and I'm hopefully doing a meditation course.

Favourite NEOM product?

All of the candles! NEOM candles honestly just put a smile on my face.

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