Wellbeing in mini form

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

Wellbeing in mini form

The ones I take away (and why). My travel edit.

Wellbeing on holiday is SO important. I always find sleep a little harder than usual when I am away. Perhaps it's all four of us being in one room, being hot (and probably having a few more drinks than usual) so I need something to help me sleep on holiday.

So my first pick is the Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist. (We take four little bottles with us - so there aren't any fights!)

My second pick is the Great Day Body Wash. I hate those chemical laden hotel amenities that you use, just because they're there. They look fancy but actually they strip my skin after just one use. So I take my own - it's super cooling and leaves you feeling fresh and clean after being in the sun, ready for a lovely dinner out.

Next it's the Stress Relief Pulse Point. I talk a lot about my anxiety (which seems to get worse sometimes when I'm away - it's pretty crappy, but it seems to happen much more when I am away, even if I am having a good time), so I keep this with me in my beach bag and take it our with me on an evening. It's a little bit of a life saver (there's a little mist too which you can spritz around you). They are both great to use, with some deep breathing if I am having a bit of a moment, to keep me super calm. Brilliant on the plane too.

Last - Great Day Body Scrub. For starters the smell is out of this world, the pure essentials clear your senses and mind. Then OMG it's absolutely fantastic for a two minute treatment after you've been in the sun and heat all day - jump in a cool shower, pop it on all over (the mint essential oils instantly cools your skin). 

It's quite a grainy scrub, so it quickly buffs up your skin, whilst nourishing oils (think safflower & jojoba oils) are drunk up by your sun kissed, dehydrated skin for that glowy, all over, in a minute, get the job done in the shower kind of treatment. 

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