Wedding fever. Wedding favourites

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 10, 2021

Wedding fever. Wedding favourites

Wedding fever has hit NEOM HQ… Glitter covered desks, bride crowns and lots and lots of smiles and giggles. We caught up with three resident NEOM brides (and bride-to-be) to get their NEOM wedding picks. What worked a treat on their skin? What surrounded their wedding with wellbeing fragrance? And which natural tub of something is CALMING those nerves?

Nourished and soft skin

“I wanted extra soft skin for my big day; I’d been using the Intensive Skin Treatment Candle in the run up as part of my usual routine, but the day before, after a long day in the Ibizan sunshine my skin was in serious need! The beautiful warm-oils not only worked to deeply hydrate and repair my skin, but the De-Stress fragrance blend helped my nerves and created some much needed calm!”
Chloe, PR & Brand Partnerships Manager

Scent your wedding 

“I wanted a calm and relaxed wedding. So I turned to our hero of a candle… Real Luxury. The candles were placed all around the reception and lit an hour or so before guests arrived. When we walked in the warming, spicy-yet-soothing natural fragrance of essential oils instantly relaxed guests, smelt a-m-a-z-i-n-g and in the evening the flickering flames were seriously BEAUTIFUL! We will forever remember our day when we light it at home.”
Kate, UK & International Account Manager

De-stress in the tub

“I am yet to get married and feeling a little bit nervous (and not going to lie, a bit tense with all the organising!). So I am taking time to CHILL in the evenings (when I would be seat planning or organizing dress fittings) and using my Real Luxury Body Scrub which not only makes my skin super-smooth, it’s so nourishing for my skin (as I prep for my big day). I am also going to be giving my bridesmaids a Real Luxury Travel Candle as a gift. They make great wedding favours too.”
Charlotte, Customer Services Manager

Are you getting married this summer? What NEOM product is featuring in your big day? Let us know over on Instagram @neomorganics