We hadn't heard of Vitamin K either

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

We hadn't heard of Vitamin K either

When it comes to the vitamins that always hit the headlines, A, B, C, D and E get the lion's share, but that's about to change because Vitamin K is nudging it's way into the spotlight. 

And get this – most of us are deficient in it. Especially because it’s fat-soluble, so if you lean towards low fat foods, your body’s ability to hold onto and absorb the benefits is greatly reduced. The same rules apply if you like a daily drop of wine. That’s us out then.

But do we actually need vitamin K or is it just another supplement spin? According to the experts it’s a yes, especially if we want more energy, stronger bones and better skin. Although bizarrely, while it’s being dubbed the ‘new’ vitamin on the block, it was actually granted a Nobel Prize in 1943 after it was discovered to help with bone building, memory function and blood clotting.

Found in leafy green veg like kale and spinach, research has found that one of the best natural sources is from something called ‘natto’. A Japanese food made from fermented soy beans, the reason it’s so superior is because it provides the right amount of bacterial strains for vitamin K to thrive and survive. Good to know, except it’s not exactly that easy to come by in your local supermarket.

Which is why it’s being added to supplements. We’ve tried and we’ve tested and while we love the fact that Holland and Barrett pair their version with vitamin D and Together’s new vitamin K2 contains that all-important natto extract, it’s BetterYou’s Vitamin K2 Oral Spray that was our stand out winner. Providing just the right dose in one simple spritz, there’s no swallowing bulky tablets and the liquid format means it’s absorbed quicker into the blood stream. This cheeky spritzer also bypasses your entire digestive system so you can get those big ‘K’ benefits pronto. (If only someone would invent biscuits that do the same thing)!