Turn Everyday Moments Into Wellbeing Boosts

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 11, 2021

Turn Everyday Moments Into Wellbeing Boosts

Wake up, coffee on, cereal for the kids… in that order. Sometimes we fall into routines without even realising, because when there’s a million things to do, you just have to get.it.done. But where does that leave self care? We are HERE FOR YOU and we are all about the little, tiny (really tiny) things you can add to your day to help boost YOU. Don’t worry, we’re not thinking full on morning meditation, more like coffee on, light candle, then cereal, because little steps add up to big changes. Here’s how we do it…


However your mornings look, we’re betting you could do with a little extra pep sometimes - even the most morning-of-morning people do! For this we recommend lighting a Feel Refreshed Candle either by your bedside as you stir,  whilst you make your coffee in the kitchen or where you get ready if that’s where you feel more ‘on’ - there’s something really lovely about lighting a candle in the morning (especially if you’re working from home and don’t need to rush out of the door). Sicilian lemon and fresh basil are the heroes in this potent blend of 24 essential oils, and they are great for making you feel energised and ready for the day. Just burn this natural fragrance as you go about that carefully-honed morning routine and feel big benefits.

What you’re saying: Those candles (all of them) are just great. They have such an amazing scent, and the whole room really smells with the essential oils for a long time. They also burn evenly which is not always the case with natural wax candles. I highly recommend them! - Marta

Home office

Working from home can be blissfully productive, or be full of one distraction then another. Hello window cleaner, postman, home schooling, we could go on. The smallest thing can interrupt your flow and when it does, a few drops of Focus the Mind Essential Oil Blend in your Wellbeing Pod are THE thing to get you back on track. Green hibiscus and woody undertones wake your senses up at the touch of a button, helping you focus and stay your best, most on-it you.

What you’re saying: Use this when I am busy round the house, keeps me going and the house smells beautiful. - Sue M

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Afternoon slump

We’ve all been there - some days, 3pm has us looking at the clock wondering why our brains have slowed to snail’s pace. Even on the best days, your circadian rhythms can let you down and the afternoon slump is REAL. We can’t promise a magic cure, but keeping a Hand Balm or energising fragrance nearby on your desk is a handy trick - give yourself a spritz or cup your hands over nose and mouth after applying the balm (breathe in for 7, out for 11) and take a deep breath full of natural, sparkling, refreshing goodness. Back to business in no time!

What you’re saying: I love this scent - made me feel uplifted and scent lasted through the day! - Tracey C

 Energised Hand Balm

Unwind the mind

It’s so important to create distance between busy days and time off. Having a calming candle burning as soon as you step in the door, or switching up the scent in your home as you transition from work time to down time can make all the difference, and signal to your brain that it’s time to start winding down, making for a more peaceful evening and a dreamy sleep routine. Try our Real Luxury candle with soothing lavender, jasmine and Brazillian rosewood to help the de-stress process.

What you’re saying: The most delicious candle ever. I could fill my house with them! - Marie K

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Sleep routine

We are SO PASSIONATE about the benefits of proper, dreamy sleep, so if you have time, here’s some tips on how to get a full routine down. But even if you’re a PJs and warm-milk-only kind of person, try switching in one of these to send you off to the land of nod. Bedtime Hero Bath Foam: An evening bath is one of the best things you can do for better sleep, so if this is already something you make time for, give it an extra sleepy boost with this SLS free blend of chamomile, ylang ylang and cedarwood. Then, whatever your routine, finish off by replacing your usual moisturiser with Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter to not only up your magnesium levels but give you a wave of blissfully calming lavender sweet jasmine. Finally, a Pillow Mist takes seconds and will send you off to deep, dreamy sleep.

What you’re saying: “Gorgeous bath foam, so relaxing and nourishing and a little goes a long way!” - Crystal R