This is one of the most talked about beauty ingredients

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

This is one of the most talked about beauty ingredients

First came argan oil, then coconut oil but now all we want to know about is prickly pear oil.

Part of the cactus family, the oil (that's pressed out of the plant's seeds) is popping up in everything from haircare to skincare and is why we've included oodles of it in our new Great Day Glow range

One of the reasons that beauty moguls are so taken with it because it's a hard-working multi-tasker - a bit like most women we know. For starters, it's a stellar hydrator - remember it's from a cactus and despite having zero water in the desert, their leaves stay plump and springy - which is exactly what we want our skin to be. Then there's it's long list of fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, including a hefty portion of vitamin E that works to help replenish, heal, reduce inflammation and help protect skin from external aggressors (like climate and pollution). It also contains the trending vitamin K we told you about before - the one that's good for boosting skin elasticity and brightening. 

The smoothing effect of this oil doesn't stop there though. Packed with complex carbohydrates that help stimulate the skin's enzymes and encourage natural exfoliation, it gently but effectively helps to get rid of dead skin cells that cause your skin to look tired and dull. Yet another reason why we've added it to our face wash, oil, serum and moisturiser. Ensuring skin looks radiant, awake and healthy - we'd bath in it if we could!

Have a look at our Great Day Glow Skincare right here. 



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