These 5 books will stop you from burn out

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

These 5 books will stop you from burn out

From eastern philosophies to crystal healing to comedy advice, these are our latest picks - choose the one you feel most drawn to or invest in them all. The aim of the game is to ensure after a few pages you’ll feel energised, raring to go and invigorated. Like an Aperol Spritz but much more appropriate on the Monday morning commute!

The Sophrology Method, £12.99

You might be familiar with Sophrology but we weren’t, however author Florence Parot predicts this and answers our burning question by page 6. A mind-body method of healing and calming, it’s a practise of physical and mental exercises that help keep your mind alert and your body relaxed without any need for gym gear or arithmetic’s! Who wouldn’t want in? Boosting self-confidence, beating insomnia and enhancing wellbeing. We’ve become particularly fond of the ‘shoulder pumping’ in the Managing Stress chapter. Standing up and moving your shoulders up and down, fists clenched while you hold your breath, do it three times and you’ll feel way calmer. Honestly.

Crystals, £10.99

Crystal healing is getting a lot of airtime at the moment and down-to-earth but supercool, ex footwear designer, Katie-Jane Wright (she had us at footwear), is aiming to bring the practise to the masses. Hosting workshops across the UK and crystal 101 classes for beginners, she’s poured all of her knowledge and tips into this beauty of a book that teaches you everything from which crystals you need to help you feel more energetic to where and how you should use crystals in your house. Mind-block at work? We found the crystal grid for creative activation super helpful, especially when we paired it with our Energy Burst Pulse Point. Actual dream team.

Self-Care for the Soul, £9.99

We first discovered Jody at a group meditation workshop. Reaching corporate burnout after years in advertising, her journey to rediscovery and reconnect with real life has transformed her into a motivational wonder woman, and now author. Accessible, non-preachy and peppered with common sense pieces of advice, it’s a good one if you struggle with self-acceptance. Maybe your parents’ strict upbringing does have an impact on you? Maybe three minutes of meditation will kick start your day more than a flat white? Maybe using more positive words will empower you? Asking and answering all those what if’s, it’s an easy read and a proper page turner.

Guac is Extra But So Am I, £TBC

This isn’t out until May but we wanted to give you the heads up so you can add it to your read-list. Billed as ‘The Reluctant Adult’s Handbook’ while it’s aimed at those in their mid-20s, author and The New Yorker columnist, Sarah Solomon has so many hilarious anecdotes, everyone can relate to it. Touching on relationships, career, dating, finances, it’s lines like ‘The road to hell is paved with shag carpeting’, ‘no you cannot choose ‘muse’ as a career path’ and tips including framing silk scarves as a clever way of showing off a luxury item you might never wear but still love. It’s worth a read for the smiles and laugh out loud value.

Physical Intelligence, £14.99

Divided into four sections – Strength, Flexibility, Resilience and Endurance, this is a definite ‘dipper’ so be warned, there are no pictures to keep you engaged. That said, it’s incredibly interesting as the authors Claire Dale and Patricia Peyton reveal how to manage the eight key chemicals in our body and brain, that dictate everything from our mood and emotions to our actions. Things like how to convey confidence through your voice using relaxation techniques, throat openers and adult-appropriate tongue twisters are especially useful, and use the ‘Life Hack’ pull-outs as pointers for what you want to dissect each time you delve in.

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