The Zzz'd effect

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 09, 2021

The Zzz'd effect

The night we created the zen effect with the small steps that make a big difference to our wellbeing.



Well what a night! Oh hi, it’s Chloe here (PR Manager at NEOM) and we’ve just got bThe Inhabit, Paddington, Londonack from a night’s stay with some of our favourite journalists and influencers at the newest wellness-focused hotel, in London - The Inhabit. A newly opened hotel, in the heart of Paddington that aims to nourish their guests leaving them rested and rejuvenated. With the dark night’s drawing in, we created an Autumnal Wellbeing Retreat for a lovely group of wellbeing warriors, oh and we pumped them full of NEOM to help them get a Perfect Night’s Sleep.



We welcomed brilliant Fitness ace Alice Liveing, Lifestyle Influencer Estee Lalonde, fab Nutritionist Madeleine Shaw, Wellness Blogger Tessa Kelly, Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, Motivational Speaker Adrienne London AND Body Confidence Ambassador Chessie King, and we all chilled out with NEOM. 

We kicked off the day with a juice and lunch in the library where our Founder Nicola took our guests on a bit of a journey through NEOM from why we started NEOM (and how Nicola mixed essential oils to help her sister sleep and to power her husbands energy for sport), to how the ‘ooh’s and ahh’s came in for our launches of our Wellbeing Pod, Magnesium Body Butter and our latest NEW Natural Skincare and Wellbeing Fragrances. Followed by showing off our just-launched Christmas Collection all about the magic of natural wellbeing.




Our guests enjoyed an afternoon of relaxing and restorative activities like guided walks, biking and reading in little nooks. Plus they were also treated to a wellbeing treatment (a combo of seven naturopathic techniques like shiatsu and thai massage, cranio, trigger point work, myofascial plus mindfulness and reflexology too) for the ultimate zen effect.

The evening was powered by a mindfulness and a meditation session with Caroline Zimba, a healthy graze courtesy of Yeotown and a bedroom filled with our sleepy fragrance of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine, PJ’s, cosy cashmere bed socks, an eye mask and Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist - to help give them some super-sleep.

The next morning we took a private yoga class led by Rosie Underwood with a healthy brekkie, leaving everyone refreshed, rebooted and ready to nail their day.

We wanted to bring together some of the best small steps to wellbeing we could. From a brisk walk to a mini mindfulness moment to powerful essential oils blends (plus a good night's rest) and make our guests feel GOOD. I think we managed it..."Thank you so much for such a special event. I absolutely loved it. Honestly can't thank you enough" said Chessie!

What are your small steps to wellbeing? Let us know over on Instagram @neomorganics.



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