The Wellbeing Edit: Why We Do It

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 14, 2021

The Wellbeing Edit: Why We Do It

Nicola Elliott, Founder of NEOM:

“It’s so tempting, come January, to be seduced by the silver bullet fixes in every social media ad and on the front of every magazine. I’ve been sucked in before (haven’t we all) but I know how much it did for my own wellbeing to ditch the diets and 30-day challenges, and focus on the small, FUN things that actually make a big difference to me. When it’s fun, it sticks. It shouldn’t feel hard, and it shouldn’t have to be squeezed into 30 days to make you feel GOOD. That’s why I started the Wellbeing Edit three years ago, to share my favourite gadgets and gizmos that are fun, useful and easy-peasy to slot in any wellbeing toolkit.

My mission with NEOM is always to boost your wellbeing through small steps that make a big difference to four areas of your wellbeing: sleep, de-stress, energy and happiness. it’s a boost - it’s never about a quick fix from just one product. Our natural products can truly help give you that amazing relaxing moment before bed, or give that morning shower a mood-boosting sensorial experience - but they work alongside other small things that build you up every day.

There is so much out there (and so much B.S. out there) that it can be hard to know where to start, which is exactly why I started the Wellbeing Edit, so I can share with you the supplements, tools and genius innovations from other brands that work SO WELL with our own NEOM products (basically we do all the hard work for you). The NEOM team and I spend at least six months each year trying out all the products we love, making sure they bring joy to our days and genuinely give us a lift before they make it into the edit.

This year I’ve been blown away by how much extra calm and clarity a guided journal has brought to my sleep routine in the evening and how much it’s helped speed me along in the day. I’d heard about the benefits of journaling but there’s no reason it has to be just you and a blank page – a little writing prompt is all you need and suddenly you’ve had ten minutes of self-care time. WIN. I’ve loved getting an extra glow with Gua Sha – genuinely not a fad, and though my limbs will never be Elle Macpherson-esque, a body brush in the shower is SO invigorating. And because we have all needed words of wisdom this year, I’ve included the books that had a lasting effect on how I view my own wellbeing journey too. You’ll find things like this, plus my new favourite natural supplements, in this year’s edit.

It’s during difficult months like this that I’m so grateful to be part of such a positive, uplifting wellbeing community and I can’t wait to hear how you are finding the products in our edit, and which ones make it into your own personal wellbeing toolkits. Let me know @nicolaelliottmoss @neomorganics.”