The Wellbeing Edit: Tips from the Founders

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 11, 2021

The Wellbeing Edit: Tips from the Founders

The NEOM Wellbeing Edit is our collaboration with creators, innovators and authors from the wellbeing community, who are as passionate as us about finding 360 solutions to wellbeing that works for YOU. We’re not about setting goals or finding silver-bullet fixes, and we reckon the creators of the products in our edit feel the same – that’s what makes them the perfect partners for your favourite NEOM heroes. Read on for the wellbeing tips that make the creators tick, and maybe you’ll find something to add to your own toolkit, too…

Melissa Hemsley


Melissa Hemsley, author of Eat Happy in our Happiness Edit

“I find wellbeing is as multifaceted as each one of us, and in 2021, my personal daily wellbeing feels more vital than ever. Rather than it being a set time of the day to ‘take time ‘, I’ve been gently incorporating wellbeing ‘moments’ into my whole day. I take a few extra minutes in the morning to clear the decks of debris and life admin and set up my desk in a way that feels nice and cosy with pics and letters and holiday photos propped up behind my laptop screen, and I put a big teapot with a teapot cosy (just got into this!) on the desk with a homemade infusion of ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, lemon. I’ve got a little old picnic basket right next to my desk stocked up with extra socks, layers, scarf, an oil roll-on and a hot water bottle too - so I’ve got comforting things to hand throughout the working day. And as well as popping outside for air, no matter the weather, I always make sure I have a noodle soup or a hearty portion of stew for lunch to look forward to. Bowl food for me is real feel-good food and batch cooking something once a week and portioning up for the freezer or the fridge (for up to 5 days) is a lovely little gift to give yourself once a week.”


Damian, Founder of Form Nutrition who swears by the ZZZZs in our Sleep Edit.

“Aside from meditating some simple things I try to do:
  •         Notice at least a few breaths before I get out of bed
  •         Just stand in queues, not get my phone out
  •         Note down three things I’m grateful for each day
  •         Look out of windows on journeys (I’m really good at this!), I don’t need to be constantly stimulated and am actually quite good alone with my own thoughts
  •         I have a daughter, when I play or interact with her I try to be fully present. Though as every parent knows this is often difficult!
  •         Running a business you’re drawn from task to task, meeting to meeting. It’s important to reset between. Sometimes this is as simple as following a few breaths with your eyes closed”


Joshua Fletcher, author of Practical about Panic in our De-Stress Edit

“1. Stop trying to upgrade yourself - whilst it's ok to look after your wellbeing and grow in certain aspects of your life, I advise not using lockdown as an excuse to 'make yourself better'. This only adds pressure during an already stressful time but also conveys the message to yourself that you are not ok as you are now!
  1. Balance the nervous system - the nervous system has two sides: the sympathetic (stress and worry) and the parasympathetic (rest and digestion). Whilst it's ok to be stressed and is needed to get through certain things in life, make sure you provide balance by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. This means taking time out to relax, put yourself first, laugh, be mindful and do fun things. This also includes eating nourishing meals. Ultimately, balance is achieved when we can learn to be productive, as well as learning to do nothing.
  2. Personal boundaries - It is absolutely essential to distinguish your own limitations and set boundaries. This includes saying no, delegating tasks if possible, asking for space if needed and, most importantly, putting yourself first, even if this is just for an hour. This especially applies to busy parents.
  3. It's ok not to be 100% - It is absolutely fine not to feel 100% and is to be expected. This means you may feel anxious, down, hopeless and angry on different days. This doesn't need to be fixed in any way, just anticipate it and be compassionate with yourself. Obviously, if the feelings persist, get in contact with a medical professional, or seek help through talking therapy.”



Henrietta Founder of Wild Nutrition, whose ashwagandha supplements are in our De-Stress Edit

“Getting outside (within the limits of lockdown) and connecting with nature, fresh air and movement is essential for both physical and mental wellness right now. A lot of us are spending a long time indoors watching the news, busy with kids or juggling Zoom calls that it can feel like we rarely get some headspace.

Even better if you surround yourself with plants and trees on your daily walk, as regular nature exposure has been proven by research to help lower our stress levels. The exposure to daylight is also essential for a healthy sleep / wake cycle. Finally, it gives us the opportunity to move, to reflect, be mindful and de-stress.”