The Ultimate Guide To Gifting NEOM This Christmas

Posted by Samantha Nice, Nov 04, 2021

The Ultimate Guide To Gifting NEOM This Christmas

We may be biased but we don’t think there’s a better gift to send (or receive!) than one that boosts their wellbeing. We’ve even taken this a step further this year and partnered with the Mental Health Foundation to include a Wellbeing Toolkit in each and every one of our gifts to help them kickstart their journey. If you’re unsure which of our limited-edition sets of signature stocking fillers to go for, here’s some inspiration…


For The Ultimate Gift

The Wellbeing Pod Luxe

Undeniably the gift at the top of everyone’s wish list (whether they know it or not), is the Wellbeing Pod Luxe. New to the family this month, it’s a wellbeing must-have for everyone and allows them to diffuse our mood-boosting Oil Blends at the touch of a button. Designed with open plan living in mind, it’s great for large spaces or for scenting their entire home. It’s also got some innovative new features such as varying light settings, a unique breathing mode and a handheld remote.


For Those Who Struggle To Sleep

Sleep Heroes Set

If you know they find it difficult drifting off at night, this dreamy duo will certainly go down well. Featuring our Bedtime Hero Bath Foam and bestselling Pillow Mist, they’re the ideal additions to their nightly routine to help them unwind and prepare for a more restful night. 


For The Dinner Guest

Create A Cracker

Looking for a token gift which will also look great on your table? We’ve got exactly that. Choose from our selection of minis and we’ll place them into a cracker for you. With most of our feel-good favourites available in travel-friendly sizes, tailor the cracker to your guest and pick something you know they’ll love. Unsure? Our bestselling Pillow Mist is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

For The One You’d Like To Thank

Scents Of Wellbeing

Is there someone who’s really been there for you this year and you’d like to show your appreciation? This trio of our festive candles will definitely do the trick. Not only can they experience each three of our Christmas scents and really get into the festive spirit, you’ll also be helping to boost their wellbeing as they inhale the pure essential oils and all-natural fragrance.


For The Skincare Addict

Perfect Night's Sleep Dream Duo

Another new addition to the NEOM family this year, our Perfect Night’s Sleep Overnight Facial Cream quickly earnt bestseller status after receiving hundreds of 5-star reviews, so if you know they’re into their skincare, this is a wise choice. Let them experience the magic for themselves with this set which also includes our Jade Facial Roller.

For Those Who Need A Moment Of Calm

Time For Real Luxury

There’s no denying it’s been another tough year but if you know they’re particularly weighed down and in need of a pick-me-up, this will do the trick. This well-thought-out edit has everything they need to take some time out and restore a sense of calm thanks to our Real Luxury Home Mist, Scented Candle and Calming Hand Balm.

For Last-Minute Gifting

Great Day Vibes

Whilst we all like to think we’ve been organised, unexpected guests or last-minute invites can catch us off guard, so why not keep a safety stash for those ‘just in case’ moments. Our stocking fillers are packed with universally pleasing favourites that anyone will enjoy. Spark some happiness with this one which welcomes our Wonder Balm and Uplifting Hand Balm.