The Perfect Self-Care Routine for Your Friday Night

Posted by PR Neom, May 24, 2021

The Perfect Self-Care Routine for Your Friday Night

After a long week, Friday night can be an excellent time for a bit of self-care. It’s your special night to switch off, chill out and make yourself feel GOOD. Having a nourishing self-care routine planned in can be just the thing to set your weekend off the right way.

So we’ve come up with a set of tips to help you to achieve that perfect end-of-week wind down.

Set Up Your Home Haven

Getting your home set up just how you like it is a vital part of a good Friday night in. Dot a few diffusers around your living room to make sure that you arrive into a tranquil space. Then, light a Real Luxury Candle that’s scented with 24 essential oils, including Brazillian rosewood and jasmine, to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

The relaxing fragrance will make your whole home smell amazing, meaning that anyone else that’s around will be able to de-stress as well! To top things off, use a little Real Luxury Home Mist around the house as a nice added calming touch.

Once you’re set-up, it’s time to put the screens down; tell loved ones not to worry if they don’t hear from you for a while, and do whatever makes you feel good for an hour or so. Is it healthy to have a glass of wine we hear you ask? Well, it’s Friday, so yes enjoy your little luxuries!

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Soak Away Stress In The Tub

It’s an old classic, and for good reason! There’s no better place to de-stress than in the comfort of your bath. Be sure to check the temperature frequently as the bath fills up, rather than running around the house on tasks that can wait FOR YOU. It might not sound that important, but ensuring that the water is the right heat can make or break a winning bath time.

NEOM’s Real Luxury Bath Foam will take you to a zone of relaxation. Formulated with our Scent to De-Stress fragrance, the rich scent of lavender will give you a feeling of calm that washes over you as you bathe.

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The perfect way to end your Friday night self-care routine is to have a great night’s sleep to replenish energy. It’s your chance to start Saturday feeling like you have two full days to do what you choose; the good and the necessary.

A good way to achieve this is by doing some light reading. This can help switch your mind into standby mode. It’s also an excellent way to distract the urge of picking up phones or tablets; a study from New Scientist has found that looking at your phone or laptop before bed can reduce the production of melatonin, your body’s natural sleep hormone, by 22%. So take a few moments during the week to choose some good literature to have waiting on your bedside table!

Before you start reading, place a Perfect Night's Sleep Reed Diffuser fragrance near your bed. A good tip is to turn the reeds before you get started, so you can fully experience the calming aroma of lavender and sweet basil. Then, massage in some Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter which can encourage you to feel rested and ready for bed.

Wait, we haven’t finished is the cherry on top of your sleepy zen-zone: a quick spritz of our chamomile and patchouli infused Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist to say goodbye Friday and hello weekend. Sweet dreams!

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