The hero of our wellbeing treatments

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 02, 2021

The hero of our wellbeing treatments

Have you tried our Wellbeing Treatments?* “They put YOUR wellbeing first” says Samantha, NEOM’s Spa & Treatment Manager. “They use the power of NEOM’s 100% natural fragrances and are a unique combo of seven naturopath techniques (like deep shitasu plus mindfulness and reflexology too).”

Our Wellbeing Treatments have had our customers oohing and ahhing since 2015. When they walked out of out, yes, they talked about the massages… “best massage I’ve ever had” said Lucy. “A truly wonderful experience. An amazing massage” Katherine told our team. BUT what else were they frantically searching the shelves for? You guessed it. Our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle!

This is a true hero of a product that was developed specifically for our Wellbeing Treatments. We wanted a product that would not only fill the treatment rooms with our expertly blended essential oil blends – but something that was also lovely and warming during the treatment when massaged, AND nourished the skin too.
“The warmth of the oil really helps to relax the muscles. After many, many requests from customers after their treatment to take one home. The product development team made the most beautiful little jug of amazing natural ingredients, that are a real hit with customers” says Samantha.

With comments like… “Glorious, relaxing scent followed by super soft skin. Truly a great product. Has done me the world of good”, our customers WANTED one. And they wanted it now! So we got our product development team on the job…

“All hands were to deck to get this little baby on the shelves. Thankfully because we already spent months creating and getting the blend of ingredients just right for our Wellbeing Treatments (ingredients like rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa seed butter and our expert blend of essential oils) we managed to make our customers happy in no time” says Andrea, Product Developer.

So, whether you want the full five star bespoke NEOM Wellbeing Treatment* (think dreamy massages, super-natural facials with some a-m-a-z-i-n-g complimentary wellbeing add ons) or want to feel like you’ve hit the spa (at home) you CAN.

*NEOM treatments are available exclusively at spa's across the country. Click here to find your nearest one. 

Have you tried our Intensive Skin Treatment Candle?