The Essential Oils That Will Transport You to Sicily, France and Beyond

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 14, 2021

The Essential Oils That Will Transport You to Sicily, France and Beyond

Holiday on hold? There’s nothing like an essential oil blend to bring you that vacay feeling (even when on staycation.) Here are our favourite, mood-boosting ingredients…

Hand on heart, at any given time, we’d all rather be on holiday, right? The sun-baked streets of the French Riviera are so much more appealing than our back gardens, balconies or local park. And wouldn’t we all be living our best lives, if we could only be wandering in an Italian lemon grove? While plans may be on hold, there are certain scents that we turn to time and again to recreate that glorious holiday feeling. Grab your sunhat and an Aperol spritz, and allow us to transport you to your destination of dreams…

To make you feel… HAPPY

Aah the glorious grin from ear to ear that accompanies stepping off a plane into Mediterranean heat. Our Scent to Make You Happy range is packed with white neroli and mimosa, both hailing from the South of France and Tunisia, so it’s not only their uplifting properties that makes them smell like holiday in a bottle, it’s their heritage. This range also includes lemon oil, which comes from Sicily. Don’t just take it from us, 92% of our survey felt uplifted and in a better mood on the NEOM Happy Programme*. Try taking a Natural Candle to the pergola in your garden, and let the holiday vibes commence.

To help you feel…REFRESHED

Frazzled…bothered… busy. If this is you (HI, US TOO), you need a dose of the wonderful refreshed feeling that comes after proper relaxation. Add a few drops of our Feel Refreshed Essential Oil Blend to your diffuser to bathe yourself in swathes of fresh basil oil from India, and Sicilian lemon. And for a little extra boost, keep a Home Mist on you at all times for an extra pick-me-up. We can’t promise you’ll feel as wide awake as if you’d spent a week in the lush Indian countryside, but it can’t hurt to try, can it?

Feel Refreshed

To help you feel…BLISSED OUT

Picture the scene: You’re in your back garden, yet somehow you are as blissful as if you were in a Moroccan riad. This could be you with some damask rose oil, a wonderful extract known for its calm and relaxing properties with a rich, floral, petally rose aroma. We loved this Moroccan ingredient so much we put it in our Complete Bliss fragrance, try using the Complete Bliss Essential Oil Blend for a wellbeing boost as you dream of the Atlas mountains.

To help you feel…TRANQUIL

Sometimes you don’t have to travel beyond borders to feel you’ve had a holiday – a jaunt to Kent for some lavender essential oil could be just what the doctor ordered. We love this wonder oil so much for its de-stressing qualities, we put it in our Tranquillity fragrance along with that fresh basil from India, and for an extra exotic twist we added Egyptian jasmine. From the gardens of Kent to the banks of the Nile, could there be a more transportive scent than this Perfect Night's Sleep Candle?

real luxury ultimate candle

To help you feel… LESS STRESSED

And finally, what’s the use of some time out if you don't totally feel like you have a bit of a reset afterwards? Our Real Luxury scent has 24 pure essential oils - a soothing wonder whenever you need it, featuring lavender (French this time) and Egyptian honey-like jasmine. And that deep note you can’t quite put your finger on, would be Brazilian rosewood – a fragrance as alluring as the country where it’s grown.

*User trial involving 65 female subjects undertaken October 2015

Feel Refreshed Real Luxury 3 Wick Happiness reed diffuser Sleep Candle

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