The 10 minute wellbeing reboot

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 02, 2021

The 10 minute wellbeing reboot

Hi there… Chloe here, NEOM PR & Brand Partnerships Manager. It's a Monday morning and I’m feeling very lucky as I'm being whisked away from the hustle, the bustle, the stressy moments that is modern life, and being treated to one of our mini Wellbeing Treatments with our amazing Neomologists in our totally beaut Kings Road store!

Anyone looking for 10 minutes of calm, a little sleep boost, a dose of happiness or to feel more energised? Then you can grab YOUR complimentary mini wellbeing experience, these little moments of wellbeing, are just sitting and waiting for you in all our stores.

First up the Neomologist takes me through the renowned Scent Discovery which is pretty fun! You inhale each of the NEOM four natural fragrances and then pick the one you feel drawn to. I have done this numerous times and it always amazes me when I am drawn to different fragrances each time, depending on how I am feeling. Today, I am in need of De-Stress, mmm. I take a comfy seat and receive a comforting, organic tea and which is bliss (not a bad way to spend a Monday morning). Then together we select three products from the Scent to De-Stress range to use during the treatment.

The first one to inhale - the amazing Real Luxury candle burning on the table oozing the essential oils - I take some moments to breathe in for 7 out for 11, inhaling the potent and precious oils.

Next up, it’s something to absorb. No brainer - I opt for the NEW Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter (which I actually already have at home and LOVE). The Neomologist applies it over my hands and arms massaging (with some Real Luxury Body Oil too) it into key pressure points. Super simple but SO GOOD.

Lastly, it’s something to give me a boost! I get surrounded by the amazing cloudburst of the Real Luxury Home Mist and I’m told all about how useful this is to spritz at home - cushions, carpets, curtains, lampshades to create the de-stress zone when you walk through the door. What a simple, speedy-yet-soothing little wellbeing experience. Never underestimate the power of these little moments of self-care and how amazing they can make you feel. So if you’re near one of our stores, pop in, take a mindful moment and grab yourself a mini wellbeing experience on us.

In stores NOW (check out Chloe's video over on Instagram ). Come in, we’ve got all you need to feel GOOD. We’ve got you!