Making Everyday super natural with Nicola Elliott

Posted by Nicola Elliott, May 24, 2021

Making Everyday super natural with Nicola Elliott

The average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day*. In my book, that’s too high. I’m a realist, and I certainly don’t live a staunch green lifestyle, but I make the best choices for me and my family. And I try to get the ‘chemical count’ of our household down in little ways all the time.

It’s getting MUCH easier to choose brands that offer more natural alternatives, there’s some great options out there that mean you don’t have to compromise to efficacy or pay through the nose.

We started NEOM back in 2005 with the belief that (although it was tricky for us to make in anything other than small batches) we could make the most beautiful products with 100% natural fragrances and every bit as luxurious as other candles, washes and lotions in the stores. But what tops that, is the essential oil blends we use, which mean that the products aren’t just gorgeous to use, but the scents work to help you feel your best because of their therapeutic benefits. In short, they don’t just smell pretty, they small amazing and then actually help you feel your best.

Synthetic scent blends simply can’t do that. It’s 2018 and I feel the natural offering has finally got to a point where the quality of products is way better than our synthetic counterparts!

So, with quality and price no longer holding you back from going natural, I’d love to hear from you - have you made natural swaps? If not would you consider changing something to a natural version?

Here’s just a few of the easy ones I do, that might help kick start your thinking.

1. Make up Remover - I use grapeseed oil - you can buy it online, at the health food store, it’s cheap, natural, removes all dirt and grime, simple

2. Household washing powder - easy to swap - Ecover. Method, Earth Friendly are all great brands. There’s simply no reason to add up all those chemicals by spritzing the kitchen tops, washing all the families clothes, pots pans etc in chemicals. Making this swap has a huge impact on the family.

3. Hand wash and lotion - just think of all the times you (all) wash your hands. The skin, being the bodies largest organ, absorbs the most amount of chemicals, so think on…go natural here.

4. Candles - I just don’t want to be burning paraffin wax (which most candles are made of) filled with synthetic scents in my home. End of. It’s a by product of crude oil….yuk.

5. Make up. Ok I’m not evangelical here, but I have to tell you - in the last few years natural make up has come on a MILLION miles. Burts Bees for lipstick/ balm is brilliant, Dr Haushka for foundation/ tinted moisturiser, RMS Beauty for everything, Lily Lolo for eye palettes…I could go on.

So hopefully this doesn’t sound preachy, I just thought it was good to talk about given there is so much amazing choice now, to highlight how much better it is to go natural…and (all hail this) how much EASIER it is!

I would love to hear from you. Tell me about your natural swaps @nicolaelliottmoss


*Source: Huffington Post - Synthetic Chemicals-Skincare