Stress? We've Got You!

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

Stress? We've Got You!

Here's what happened in NEOM HQ over Stress Awareness month.

April 1st and it’s Stress Awareness Month. Meaning our social committee (yep we have a gang who book and make the NEOM team do cool stuff and feel good) got us doing three, easy little moments of wellbeing for us at HQ to make sure we all stress a little LESS (even Ivan in the Ops team, who you met in our office tour on IGTV).

1 - We never forgot when the Huffington Post reported that dark chocolate can reduce stress by lowering cortisol - so first up, what better way to treat the team than a table full of the good stuff on a Monday morning. The email sent to all said… “Happy Monday gang - get stuck in and feel less stressed!”. Nothing easier.

2 - Second on the agenda was feeling good with Turmeric. We got hooked on a mug of the warming spicy Turmeric Latte from Wunder Workshop (anyone see it in our January Wellbeing Edit?). Turmeric is said to have a tonne load of wellbeing benefits like anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and supposedly good for mood and stress too. We’ll take that. With a bit of honey, whipped up with Oatly as an afternoon coffee switch with it’s creamy taste and comforting vibes.

3 - Book club. Reading is good for the soul right? Whether you're like our founder Nicola and like a bit of fiction to help your mind on a night or looking for wellbeing inspo. We all shared our favourite stress-relieving reads and challenged each other to read a little over the course of the month. Picks were ‘The Anxiety Solution’ by Chloe Brotheridge, 'Mindfulness A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in A Frantic World’ by Mark Williams and ‘Calm the F**k Down’ by Sarah Knight - to keep it real.

Have you got any simple tips that help you stress less? Let us know over on Instagram @neomorganics. Or why not download our De-Stress E-book for more tips and small steps? We’ve Got You!