Spotlight on my top 4 ingredients (from Andrea in Product Development)

Posted by Nicola Elliott, May 24, 2021

Spotlight on my top 4 ingredients (from Andrea in Product Development)

When you get to blend, mix, whip and research the best of the best oils, ingredients and natural - goodness. What do you say when you're asked to pick your top 4 natural ingredients?

When the team quizzed me for my absolute favourite ingredients, I had to be strict, because nature really does offer some great ingredients. I have picked these ones for their wellbeing benefits. Here’s why…

I’m all over magnesium – it’s a bit of a wonder mineral which is vital to your health and wellbeing (and actually a mineral that it is thought most of us are deficient in). It’s also absolutely brilliant for helping to calm and catch better zzz’s too.
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Safflower Oil 

Super moisturising and hydrating, yet it’s not heavy or greasy. Leaves skin with a soft silky feel and healthy glow. It’s rich in beneficial linoleic acid which can help make the skin’s barrier stronger. All round winner!
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Sweet Almond Oil
What I call… ‘skin care super power’. Rich in vitamins and minerals including vitamin E. It’s a powerful antioxidant thanks to the vitamin E content and the vitamin A that can help reduce acne (as the oil is easily absorbed by the skin), it cleans out dirt and oil which accumulates in pores.
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Baobab Oil 

Rich and powerful stuff for three reasons.

1 – Rich in antioxidants which protects skin from free radical damage.
2 – Has a super high vitamin C content (6 times more than an orange) which helps with skin elasticity.
3 – It also contains vitamin A, D, E & F and all three omega fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9 making it excellent for softening, healing and regenerating properties.
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Lavender Essential Oil 
Finally, I can’t really leave this one out as it’s the first oil we began with and we still blend up with hundreds of other essential oils today. It’s the one essential oil for everything… blended with the right other essential oils it helps calm, reduce stress and anxiety, eliminates nervous tension, relieves pain, it’s antiseptic, antibacterial, it disinfects, prevents acne, enhances blood circulation, promotes wound healing, induces sleep, treats respiratory problems and on and on and on. It’s the most versatile of all essential oils. Lavender I HEART you.
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