Sending Feel Good Vibes

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

Sending Feel Good Vibes

So, it’s Good Friday. How are you spending yours? For me, what normally would have been a family fuelled weekend - with my sister and her little girls, my Mum and Dad coming over for a lovely sunny lunch and Easter egg hunt, is now just the four of us. Yet, something that I found myself following up with when I say things like ‘just the four of us’, is, how grateful I am. 

Something that I took from the fab IGTV with NEOM psychologist, Suzy Reading (you can watch Suzy Reading's IGTV here for tips and tricks for dealing with anxiety) was trying to stay ‘anchored in gratitude.’ So yes, I will miss this weekends Easter egg hunt (we’ll find a way to Zoom this), but I’ll be keeping those positive vibes in abundance - as we’ve all made it through another week, so whilst I am sitting down waiting for Dave, my hubby, to bring me a G & T, I thought I would tell you a little bit about what has been going on at NEOM.

This week my Pod has been in overdrive with Focus The Mind, pumping out essential oils of Pine, Cedarwood & Eucalyptus in my home study (my kids call it the dungeon) to keep me alert and thinking a little more clearly after being closed away all day. Tonight, I’ll pop on Feel Good Vibes for my Good Friday Zoom with friends, to bring some feel good at home.

We’ve also been working this week to see what we can do as a give back. Firstly, we’ve gone to our local NHS each week to drop our nourishing hand balms, and we’ve been donating wellbeing packages to a handful of NHS trusts who have created respite rooms for their doctors and nurses to take 5. Rooms which act as a place where NHS staff can rest and recuperate, and sometimes just shower. We’ve sent our Wellbeing Pods, Reed Diffusers and Body Lotions, amongst other things, to help create a super calming, relaxing atmosphere - and generally make it a bit nicer and comforting for them. 

The team at NEOM are also trying to do what they can in their local communities, in their own way. My little girl has been dropping daffodils on peoples doorsteps. Sam in our Ecommerce team has signed up to be an NHS responder in her local area, where she has been picking up and delivering medication and food for those in need. Emily in our Customer Care team has been sending notes every week to her Grandma, to bring a surprise smile to her each week. And, Kate, Commercial Wholesale Manager has been sending little self care gifts to her friend who lives her own (with her sausage dog) and has been self isolating so she can have some pampering nights in, to help her feel good. 

So as always, between us all at NEOM, we are focusing on those small steps we can all do to make the biggest difference we can right now.

It’s been so lovely to hear from you lately, so do get in touch and let us know how you are getting on @nicolaelliottmoss @neomorganics

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