International Women's Day

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

International Women's Day

What wellbeing advice would you give to another woman? You know the kind? The real life stuff, the tips that really work, the phrases that really stick in your mind?

This International Women's Day we asked some kick-ass women to nominate another and asked them what was the best piece of advice they gave them...

Adrienne Herbert

Personal trainer, adidas global ambassador, mentor and inspirational speaker @adrienne_ldn “My best friend Hayley told me 'Give yourself a day off and a pat on the back, you're doing the best that you can'. It's so simple but often we forget to give ourselves a break when we need to. We shouldn't feel guilty for taking some time off. I often have a busy schedule, so I make sure that there is some empty space here and there”.

Melissa Hemsley

Cook and best-selling cookery author @melissa.hemsley “So many, I can’t pick! Women constantly inspire me, I have a list as long as my arm of women to read more about and a heaving bedside table of memoirs and books. But if I had to pick one, I’d say my Mum. 95% of everything she told me when I was younger turned out right! She knows her priorities - eat eat eat, chew chew chew, sleep sleep sleep, be nice be nice be nice!”

Eminé Rushton

Psychologies wellbeing director at large @thisconsciousbeing “My mum's best advice to me is simply to ‘lighten up’. So often, we labour over things too much, feel terribly guilty if we've had to work late and are continually offsetting our own wellbeing needs against our guilt (and guilt always, always wins). She is just brilliant at reminding me that I do not need to be a saint, that I’m a damn good mother, a loving wife, a good person and I’m not meant to be perfect. If she catches me berating myself, she always reminds me of how well I’m doing, and to stop giving myself such a hard time. Isn't it funny – sometimes we need those closest to us to give us perspective. In mum's words ‘Just do what makes you happy!’"

Ali McDowell and Finn Prevett

Founders of the Positivity Planner @the_positive_planner Ali: “My mother is my inspiration. She has suffered with depression and I have always found the way she deals with this so inspiring, she makes every effort to get well and stay positive and doesn’t wallow in it. She is the queen of self-care and has always instilled how important it is in me. When I was diagnosed with postnatal depression after my second child she was an incredible support, never judging and always there silently in the background giving me the support and guidance I needed to navigate my emotions". Finn: “My grandmother was an incredible woman who taught me to be determined and strong and never give up - even against all odds. She was a navy nurse in the war, raised four children on her own when her husband left and later worked with Mother Teresa volunteering at orphanages in India and Romania in the 80's and 90's. She was an early feminist and I didn't really appreciate how incredible she was until I was older and understood how out of the norm her situation was for the times. I hope I have inherited her determination.”

Candice Atterton

Politician & cabinet member @cllr_atterton "My younger sister Rhea inspires me. She is much more of an outdoorsy person than me and is lucky enough work in Los Angeles where she has got into skateboarding and hiking. I’m a bit of a city person (and have 3 kiddos plus i’m currently doing a masters in Global Health), so life is busy, busy, Rhea encourages us as a family to get outside. I always feel so revitalised when we do - in the countryside or by the sea (Robin Hood’s bay is coming up for us all this Easter) - it’s so good for the soul".

Vanessa King

Author and board member of Action for Happiness @changespace “There are so many female friends and colleagues that have had an influence - both with words of support and encouragement, as role models and with wisdom. I remember one boss I had, that I was close to, suggested ‘I get out of my own way’. Meaning that my worries about not being good enough, were in danger of holding me back and getting in the way of me reaching my potential, Wise words indeed. Sometimes we create worries for our self and that holds us back from trying things.”

Natasha Bailie

Lifestyle blogger “Mary Badass Meadows is my life coach. She’s a single mum, a self-employed, one girl band, life coach and a huge supporter of women, my best friend, my personal Wonderbra and my inspiration. Mary has instilled a hell of a lot of wellbeing wisdom on me, but she once told me ‘You ain't a lamp so stop saying you're broken’. It has stuck with me and taught me to be kinder to myself and accept that things change, they are never just one thing or one way - the world is full of possibilities. But if you sell yourself a story you will start to believe it".

Bryony Gordon

Author and columnist @bryonygordon “My friend Mika Simmons says, ‘Just hold on’. I remind myself of this whenever times feel difficult. I just need to hold on. And they will get better".

Natalie Lee

Blogger & founder of #warriorwomenproject @stylemesunday “This woman, my mum, has shown me what true determination and grit is. She has shown me that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, even against all the odds".