Ready to celebrate staying in? We are. Find out why...

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

Ready to celebrate staying in? We are. Find out why...

Ah staying in… boring you say? “I’m beyond happy to be boring,” I said to the team, over coffee one Monday morning when we were sharing our usual weekend tales.

Chloe, who’s 31 and our gorgeous, super cool PR had been festival-ing, her third in as many weekends (I know, total hardcore). Megan, our fabulous NEOM-ball-of-energy had just got back from New York where she’d packed in shows, A list restaurants, cocktails and 20,000 steps per day and me, well I’d basically sat on the sofa, cooked a few nice meals, surrounded myself all evening long with the scent of Real Luxury lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood (dotting the candles around the house), took a soak in the tub with a book, and bought myself some new slippers (mmm sheepskin loveliness) - they really were great slippers btw *continues dreaming of tonights night in*. 

Anyway… back to reality, everyone agreed, the sporty peeps, the party animals, (perhaps not-so-surprising, the mums who NEED a relaxing a night in and who literally drench the kids beds in Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist) and the young hip crew alike, that at times, boring is GOOD. SO good. So, this October we are celebrating all things boring (it’s edgier than Hygge don’t you think?!). We’re talking Nights in. Shepherds Pie. Slippers over heels stuff.

Determined to add weight to my stance of ‘staying in is the new going out’ at home where my husband likes a night out more than most (!), I chatted with Suzy Reading our NEOM Psychologist about this, and guess what? She reckons that night’s in can be the modern day equivalent to a mindfulness for the family, on the basis that we are appreciating the small stuff, living in the moment and sparking feelings of gratitude. We’re sold. Will you be staying in tonight?

Tag us #happytobeboring with a snap of your ‘Happy to be boring’ night in.

Swapping a night on the tiles for a book by the fire? We will pick a photo and that person will win Nicola’s Happy to be Boring picks worth £108.