Pre-Christmas pressure? Here’s the antidote

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 11, 2021

Pre-Christmas pressure? Here’s the antidote

Do you feel the usual pre-Christmas pressure mounting? Whether it’s the realisation of all that Christmas shopping still to do, the unknown of how you’ll be celebrating the festive time (and who you’ll be able to do it with) or, it’s that winter corona coaster causing you chaos, then these tips from five brilliant wellbeing experts will help.

emma hepburn

Watch out for that inner critic

“And what it's telling you and be compassionate towards yourself. Notice how you are feeling and what you are telling yourself. Step back from the thought and recognise how it’s impacting on you. This could be... I shouldn’t be feeling this way, berating or blaming yourself for something that’s happened. This may be more likely to happen when we are under pressure - which let’s face it often happens at Christmas!” Clinical Psychologist, Dr Emma Hepburn

jamie norton

Be grateful

“Reflect on all the things you can be grateful for, whatever that might be. Eating food that nourishes you, moving every day to keep the body strong and resilient, closing the eyes to breathe and meditate to slow things down and improve the quality of your healing and restorative sleep.” Yoga & Breathwork, Richie Norton

anya hayes

Do 10 minutes of movement

“The festive season is overwhelming, and this year that's supercharged. I turn on my diffuser – I am addicted to the Happiness Essential Oil Blend – and stop, drop and do 10 minutes of movement: an online yoga break, or listening to what my body wants with some stretching. The combination of uplifting smells and stretching my body makes me ready to face the world.” Author & Pilates Teacher, Anya Hayes

joshua fletcher

Stop trying to fit a narrative

“Over the Christmas period, there always seems to be an expectation that our lives should be perfect and we should all sit around the table holding hands and singing Auld Lang Syne. Christmas is not a barometer of your life success, so stop subscribing to a narrative that it is. It's ok not to have the perfect home or a harmonious family. You can make Christmas whatever you want to, but importantly make sure you make time for yourself.” Psychotherapist, Joshua Fletcher

mary meadows

Talk about it

“So often we assume what others are thinking, and the thoughts in our heads around Christmas and what it’s going to be like this year is a pretty constant whirring in our heads at the moment. SO the best thing we can do is talk about it! 
Start with what YOU want. Identify what’s important to you. Communicate - start with close friends and family, be honest, think about what you are saying yes to.” Life Coach, Mary Meadows

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