Podcast with Melanie Lawson

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 10, 2021

Podcast with Melanie Lawson

Founder of brilliant brand, Bare Biology, for boosting your mood.

Melanie and I have been wanting to meet for a long time. I have been hooked on her fish oils since I discovered them when trialling all the supplements under the sun for our NEOM Wellbeing Edit in January this year (ps currently trying out lots more for another one next year). I honestly felt they made a difference to my mood when I added them to my wellbeing toolkit. 

Back in Leicester Square and Melanie and I meet and learn that Melanie launched her brand Bare Biology after being in advertising - because like most of us it seems, we are all fuelled from a personal story to begin working in the wellbeing industry. Mine from suffering anxiety and Melanie from Postnatal Depression. 

We talk about how she found omega 3 helped her mental health (and that pivotal moment) in her life when she knew something wasn't right. I ask 'what on earth is EPA and DPA and what's the difference?', AND I quiz Melanie on HER wellbeing toolkit (you can read below too). 

A must-listen episode with a truly inspirational, honest and REAL woman. Who has been there, done that (oh and felt that too). 

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Here's Melanie's NO B.S. Wellbeing Toolkit.

1. Getting enough sleep (no phone, TV or laptop in the bedroom ever)

2. Intermittent fasting - theory is it helps with gut microbiome which is linked to mental health

3. Bare Biology Lion Heart Liquid

4. NEOM's Magnesium Body Butter (I used to take a supplement and now I use this, it's brilliant)

5. Limited alcohol and sugar (weekend treats only and I accept I'm borrowing some happiness from the next day)

6. Practising gratitude - I run through a few things I'm grateful for and remind myself that one day I won't be here 

7. Strength training

8. My German Shepherd - he makes me feel safe and he makes me laugh!