Pick-Me-Up Gifts for Amazing Women

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 14, 2021

Pick-Me-Up Gifts for Amazing Women

Your mum, the one who feels like mum, your best friend, your work-wife. Whoever inspires us the most, is who we’re gifting right now. Because they deserve a moment to themselves, and chances are they’re in need of a little boost as we pass the one-year-since-lockdown landmark. Remember when it was going to be three weeks? And if YOU need a boost, there’s always room in that basket for some self gifting too. Inspired to send some feel good? Here’s what the NEOM team is giving those who are doing the most.

The BF

“I’m sending my best friend who lives by herself in a city-centre apartment the 1-Wick Happiness Scented Candle, the Great Day Wonder Balm and a Clean & Happy Sanitiser Spray as a set of pocket pick-me-ups. On top of her family shielding and friends leaving the city, she took her flat cladding issues to the Daily Mail and then to the government for MPs to vote on - she has been an absolute superwoman getting through the pandemic, working hard and supporting others, literally all by herself.” - Holly

“I’m sending the Complete Bliss Hand & Body Wash & Lotion Duo to one of my best friends Jo. She’s been through some real ups and downs like being made redundant as a result of the pandemic, but her increased time at home has found her renovating and getting a new puppy! This beautiful duo will brighten up her days at home in her sparkling new kitchen and keep her hands happy too, in between puppy training sessions.” - Lydia

Wonder Balm Complete Bliss Hand & Body Wash and Lotion 300ml

The frontline worker

“I’m sending a powerful duo of the Uplifting Hand Balm and the Great Day Wonder Balm to my friend Sally who’s been working for the NHS throughout the pandemic and smashing it every day. I know the fresh, mood-lifting essential oils will provide that moment of FEEL GOOD whenever she needs it.” - Charlotte

“I am sending the new Clean & Happy Hand Spray and the Calming Hand Balm to my best friend Helen who is a nurse in a doctor’s surgery, she’s a busy mum of two, turned 40 during lockdown and has been working extra days at a vaccine clinic. She’s wearing full PPE six days a week and her hands are shot. I want to help her nourish and repair her hands and breathe in the gorgeous uplifting fragrance. The Hand Balm smells just like a spa, and it will remind her that we’ll go to a spa as soon as we can to celebrate her birthday with a very large glass of bubbles.” - Natalie

Clean & Happy Hand Sanitiser Spray 30ml

The one missing hugs

“I’m sending my grandma the Essential Oil Blend Collection - she finished cancer treatment just before the pandemic hit, so her normally active social life has been put on hold. She got the Wellbeing Pod for Christmas and has had a tough time but remained super positive throughout, so deserves a treat to make her home a haven.” - Jamie

Wellbeing Pod https://www.neomorganics.com/products/pick-your-blend-to-suit-your-mood-essential-oil-blend-collection

The one whose turn it is to be looked after

“I’m sending my stepmum Jo the Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter. During the pandemic she’s been volunteering to deliver food parcels in all weathers, at every time of the day, and really deserves an indulgent gift which is just for her. The magnesium boost will support and encourage her sleep, and Real Luxury is her favourite NEOM fragrance so it’s the perfect pick-me-up.” - Lilly

Magnesium Body Butter

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