One tube that boosts magnesium levels and your wellbeing

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 09, 2021

One tube that boosts magnesium levels and your wellbeing

But we all use it differently, from helping leg muscles after that early morning Peloton class, to being a part of a comforting, relaxing evening ritual. Team NEOM share their favourite Body Butter, and how they get the most out of it.

“I use Great Day after my early morning Peloton class on my legs and arms in particular, finishing with some on my hands to give me a little lift before work. The fruity fragrance of mandarin and mint, along with the lovely sun we've had recently makes me feel like I'm on a summer holiday (if I close my eyes🙂)!” Samantha, Ecommerce Executive

Great Day Magnesium Body Butter

“As with many others, I'm doing loads more walking during lockdown than I ever have. My feet tend to be quite achy and hot in the evenings, so after my evening bath or shower I get my other half to (reluctantly) give my feet a good rub with my Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter. It instantly cools, soothes and eases the achiness plus my feet are super soft!! My beautifully scented foot saviour (and gets me prepped for a lovely, peaceful night's sleep) Bonus!” Andrea, Product Developer

“The Real Luxury Magnesium Body Butter is my all time FAVE! I use this most nights (although not if I have just shaved my legs) and I find it really helps to settle my legs, especially when they are achy after all of the working out and running I have been forcing myself to do during lock down. I get quite bad shins when I run, so I love to apply it to the top of my legs and rub it downwards onto my shins. It helps keep my skin nourished but it's also like a little massage which helps to relieve some of the pain. I only use a line from the top of my leg to my knee on each side, as I find a little goes a long way and it absorbs really well. The smell is insane too... Real Luxury has always been my fave NEOM fragrance but being able to apply it all over your skin is heavenly. It is super relaxing and it smells like you have just walked out of a spa 😴🙌” Emily, Customer Care Executive

“I’m pretty chuffed that the Complete Bliss scent with Moroccan blush rose, lime and black pepper is now available as a Magnesium Body Butter. I have loved the fragrance ever since I first started work at NEOM ten years ago - it’s so relaxing and calming and now I get to smother it over my skin, whilst boosting my magnesium intake too - which is good for so many things!” Lucy, Brand Manager

Real Luxury and Complete Bliss

“I have always have always struggled with sleep on and off, and during this time of lock down, seems to have made it a little worse (overthinking and all that!), so I have always had a Sunday night ritual that I really look forward to. It helps me wind down and definitely helps to keep the Sunday scaries at bay! After my Bedtime Hero-fuelled bubble bath, I squeeze a dollop of the Body Butter into my hands, cup over my hands and mouth to inhale the calming fragrance of Chamomile, Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang and then apply all over. It’s such a thick, luxurious treatment that not only works on my muscles and nourishes my skin but also promotes a good night’s sleep too – genius! {after this, a few spritzes of my Pillow Mist and I’m out for the count!}” Chloe, PR Manager

“I usually use my Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter when I get out of the shower on an evening, just after my evening walk and before I get into bed. I use about a teaspoon on each foot and massage my feet with it and I find the smoothness of it really helps to give a deeper massage to help release any tightness or aches. The smell helps me relax and then I leave it to soak in and put some on my forearms too to help me fall asleep.” Lydia, Customer Care Executive

Perfect Night's Sleep and Bedtime Hero

“Since WFH, a midday workout has been my constant routine to re-energise, lift the slog from the morning and prep for the afternoon - plus it gets it out of the way! Stretch, shower, then Great Day Magnesium Body Butter straight after. Not only does the magnesium aid that post workout tension, the light & creamy consistency is so smooth and hydrating for a body butter and absorbs so well into my skin & even better those citrus, invigorating essential oils give the ultimate lift to power through the rest of the day!” Charlotte Silver, Customer Care Manager

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