Nicola's Podcast #2

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

Nicola's Podcast #2

With the brilliant Madeleine Shaw. An author and nutritional therapist by training (she knows all things good food), but what Nicola wanted to know from Madeleine (who is a busy mum of one) was all things sleep, or should we say lack of it!

Second episode alert and I show up feeling not-so-well (so if I sound a little less than super-fast-talking like usual, you know why!). It was most probably a lot to do with the serious lack of sleep I had the night before (anyone else find sleep tricky when they are away from home?).

Anyway, Madeleine arrives with the freshest, smiliest face which definitely peps me up and we get to recording - we can't help both start with talking about the poor sleep we had (Madeleine actually was up half the night with her little boy!).

I have long been a fan of Madeleine's for her super-super recipes, Instagram feed and books like A Year of Beautiful Living and Ready, Steady, Glow, but when I learnt that Madeleine has struggled with sleep amongst other things, I knew we needed to get the lowdown from her on her wellbeing.

Having classed herself as a 'terrible sleeper' in the past, Madeleine shares her download of the best foods for feeling well and what works for her. Nicola also gets the low down on where her wellbeing journey started (ie booze and late nights were taking their toll), and her love for Pillow Mists, essential oils on her pillow, magnesium and meditation.

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I also asked Madeleine to give us her NO B.S. wellbeing toolkit, so here it is...

Madeleine's NO B.S. Wellbeing Toolkit

1. Taking the time to reflect and express gratitude

2. Exercising everyday, even if it's just a walk 

3. Being in nature everyday

4. A good nights sleep is so important, I always wind down before bed with my NEOM Pillow Spray

5. A reusable water bottle to keep hydrated

6. Aiming for 30 varieties of plant foods every week for a happy gut

7. Meditation

8. Being mindful in all experiences

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