NEW Super-charged Body Oils + Vitamins have landed

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 01, 2021

NEW Super-charged Body Oils + Vitamins have landed

We love a good oil here at NEOM. Nothing quite like smothering your skin in the good stuff. BUT we’re not talking just any old one.

For me body oils need to be grown-up - meaning they need to multi-task in three ways...

1: Have seriously-good natural ingredients and oils plus THE BEST added vitamins that are ultra-NOURISHING. And also protect, regenerate, SOFTEN and moisturise your skin.

2: Work on my wellbeing - whether in the morning or at night - I want something that helps me sleep better, feel less stressed, get more energy, or have a boosted mood. 3: Be damn practical too - non-greasy and SUPER lightweight (who has time to wait for it to sink in? I’m an apply-n-go type of woman).

Enter our NEW four Body Oils. Not just any old oil. Let me explain…. INGREDIENTS. Super-moisturising safflower (boy does this oil LOVE TO NOURISH), jojoba oil (full of vitamins and minerals which SOFTENS, repairs and is easily absorbed. It’s lovely and light on the skin). Add a load of other skin-loving, superstar oils and extracts like….. sunflower, jasmine, coconut, rose, peony, cherry blossom, bitter orange, lavender, elderberry extract. Supercharge each one with amazing (and specifically chosen) vitamins, THEN finally…..add our NEOM 100% natural fragrance. The result? You get a multi-taking, supercharged oil that looks after your skin AND your wellbeing too.

So what’s the difference between the four?

NEW Perfect Night’s Sleep Body Oil is supercharged with vitamin A and rosehip oil along with our 100% natural Tranquillity fragrance. Making it 1 - deeply nourishing, 2 - softening as well as regenerating AND 3 - helps you sleep. Easily absorbed, so throw on your PJs and let it work throughout the night to improve skin health and help support the immune function. It’s dreamy to lather on after a bath, to help you catch those zzz’s. 90% felt their skin was hydrated, nourished, soft & smooth.* 96% felt ready for a good night’s sleep.*

NEW Real Luxury Body Oil has added anti-oxidant rich vitamin E and inca inchi oil (the richest oil in omega 3) which means it leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and healthy but feeling light too. And with our 100% natural Real Luxury fragrance gives you a deeply calming effect - morning or night. 89% felt their skin was hydrated, nourished, soft & smooth.* 90% felt more relaxed.*

NEW Energy Burst Body Oil has been powered up with extra vitamin C and baobab oil to help protect and boost immunity. This oil gives your skin an injection of nourishment and intense hydration throughout the day. Yes! Plus the kick of grapefruit, lemon & rosemary essential oils means, for me, it’s a post-morning shower bottle of dreams! (I like to apply to damp skin). 96% felt their skin was hydrated, nourished, soft & smooth.* 72% felt more energised.*

NEW Great Day Body Oil is infused with vitamin A, E & F complex to help protect against skin damage and keep skin healthy and well-balanced. With added argan oil it soothes and moisturises like a pro (my alternative to after-sun this summer) and wild mint and mandarin essential oils have a wonderful, uplifting effect. 93% felt their skin was hydrated, nourished, soft & smooth.* 92% felt uplifted & in better mood on the NEOM happy programme*

Which one are YOU choosing? Let me know over on instagram @nicolaelliottmoss and @neomorganics

Much love, Nicola x