Neom Does More Than What it Says on The Tin

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

Neom Does More Than What it Says on The Tin

Last week, Nicola recorded a video explaining that the NEOM candles fill an average size room with the ‘right’ amount of scent for the treatment to take effect after 20 mins. The treatment worked best at the 2- 4 hour mark...

You’d filled your room with enough scent for the Sleep/ De-Stress/ Energising/ mood boosting effects to work. Everyone ooh’d and ahhh’d, “we never knew that fact”’ said the film crew,

That means there’s over 20 sleep treatments in each candle - what a brilliant fact.

It started us thinking. We’re brimming over with tips that help you get the maximum out of your NEOM wellbeing...a quick scoot round the office and we all started shouting out!


Reed Diffusers are great for wardrobes...put them on the shelf and they make all your clothes smell amazing.


Spritz Mists behind radiators, the warm air means the scent diffuses really well.


I spritz mine onto carpets, cushions or fabrics, something for the scent to cling to, it re releases all day.


I spritz mine inside the lampshade! It works brilliantly (don’t you know?).


Use the Face, Body & Hair Oil on your hair! Two tablespoons, leave it on overnight, it's a lovely restorative treatment. Does anyone else think that?


Ye great, but, OMG the Face, Body & Hair Oil is literally the BEST after-sun, me and my family use it (kids love it) and not one of us peeled.


Talking of kids, use the Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist on their beds, is gentle enough we used it on the boys cots when they were babies to help them sleep.

And the conversation went on, and on.

We want to hear your NEOM tips! Get in touch, tweet or Instagram - it's nice to share!