Need your sleep question answered?

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 10, 2021

Need your sleep question answered?

With Suzy Reading is NEOM’s Psychologist and author of The Self Care Revolution. 

I find falling asleep tricky. What can I do to make this better?

It's not just the hour we spend before going to bed that impacts on our ability to get to sleep. We need to be mindful of our levels of stimulation throughout our whole day. Often it's an inability to relax that makes falling asleep difficult, so set the intention to reclaim the lost art of relaxation! Make it a habit to carve out little micro moments in your day to physically soften; to let the world wait. A regular practice of letting go will help sleep come with greater ease. Watch out for over stimulation in your food, hydration and your visual diet too - manage your screen time and what you choose to read, watch and listen to. Choose soothing options when sleep feels tricky.

What’s your bedtime routine to help you keep on your A game?

I find the best pre-bedtime ritual involves the mind, the body and the breath. I like to pair gentle yoga poses with a soothing scent, relaxed breathing and a mantra to really harness my mind. If there are still things on my mind after my ritual, to relax I'll mentally scan through my day and recognise what went well or just what got done, celebrating those mini accomplishments. I'll jot down on paper anything still required of me so it doesn't bounce around my mind in bed. Once it's written down I let it go, telling myself it's not time for that now, it's time to rest. A spritz of Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist and I am ready for bed.

I have always been able to fall asleep but struggle to stay asleep. Do you have any tips on getting back to sleep or to sleep through?

Try saying something like “I soften into this moment” to distract the mind. The 7/11 breathing technique also helps, especially when used with the Neom Nourish, Breathe & Sleep Hand Balm. It’s really simple. Breathing in for 7 seconds and out for 11. This can help calm your body and mind to help you get back to sleep.

What’s the best way to feel rested when you’re a sleep deprived new mum? Is there an optimum nap time or some other secret?!

Nap when you can! No secrets here. It’s tough going for a while. Lie down with your legs up the wall, it’s super soothing even for 5 minutes. Smooth out your breathing if there’s no time to stop, take a moment and focus on inhaling and exhaling for 1-2 minutes and allow yourself to reboot.

I feel as though I haven’t slept properly in months, definitely no deep sleep that’s for sure, I just lie there for hours every night, help!

Try the mantra: “If I can’t sleep, I will rest. If I can’t slow my mind, I will soften my body. I become my breath…” repeat for as long as you need to until you feel relaxed and less anxious about sleep. You can repeat it out loud or in your head, whatever works best for you.

I’m a caffeine addict, how late can I get away with drinking coffee before it affects my sleep?

Personally 2pm is as late as I would suggest. However, experiment to see what works for you (fellow NEOM nutritionist Samantha Paget once said to me we all respond to caffeine in different ways) so check sleep quality as well as the ease of getting to sleep. Green tea works or sparkling water is refreshing too if you need something to replace coffee. Y

ou could also try the NEOM Energy Burst Eau De Parfum – it’s the perfect pick me up! Got a sleep struggle?

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