My day with naturals

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 10, 2021

My day with naturals

And because I'm a realist I certainly don't live a staunch green lifestyle, but what I do is try to swap little things out (more and more each day) to try and get the 'chemical count' of our household down. 

Ultimately choosing naturals is all about feeling good. I don't want toxins coming from a candle just to make my room smell good. I want it to not only smell good, I want to feel good too. Here's the natural swaps I've been making lately...

AM. Let's start at 6.30am when I take a fish oil supplement. Super natural omega 3 supplements, ethically sourced and pure. Along with a CBD oil (I have Kloris and I'm trying out The Original Alternative). Coffee comes from Percol Coffee - the first coffee to receive a plastic free trust mark. 

My morning routine incorporates a super blast in the shower with Great Day Body Wash. It's so easy to switch your hand and body washes for a natural version (and the whole family benefits). And even your deodorant - I am using Schmidts right now. Next I use our new skincare, including Great Day Glow Face Wash to cleanse, then I pat in the serum and smother with the natural SPF Moisturiser - followed by Jane Iredale under eye concealer (a natural version of YSL Touche Eclat). 

NOON in the office is powered by the likes of our Wellbeing Pod. Dotted around our open plan office. Monday is all about Feel Refreshed at NEOM HQ...Getting our minds revved for the week ahead. Whilst hump day calls for Real Luxury to de-stress!

In the office lately we have been trying to switch our afternoon coffee for a spritz of Grapefruit, Lemon & Rosemary Natural Wellbeing Fragrance (and a Wunder Workshop Turmeric Latte) for that 4pm afternoon slump. 

PM. Kids homework and a simple something for dinner with ingredients from Abel & Cole (Riverford Organics also delivers, as does The Detox Kitchen - I recently interviewed the founder Lily on my podcast (have a listen to our NEOM No B.S. Wellbeing Podcast with Lily here). And to clean up the mess? Household washing powder - easy to swap - Ecover, Tincture, Method and Earth Friendly are all great brands. There's simply no reason to add up all those chemicals by spritzing the kitchen tops, washing all the families clothes, pots, pans etc in chemicals. Making this swap has a huge impact on the family. 

Bedtime routine consists of bath time with Real Luxury Bath Foam, Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil, Magnesium Body Butter (and I love using a rose quartz roller right now) and Pillow Mist alone with books, books and more books. Not that I am anti Kindle, I just like good old fashioned words on paper (and find reading helps switch off my brain). Good night.                                                                                                                           

I would love to know what natural swaps you're making. Drop me a line on Instagram @nicolaelliottmoss