More than just clean hands

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 10, 2021

More than just clean hands

When I am asked about the one thing we can all do to go natural, I always say, “switch your hand washes to natural”.

Along with things like, switching your eye makeup remover for pure grapeseed oil - switching a hand & body wash is an easy-peasy way to reduce the chemical count in your home because, especially in the loo, it’s the thing that the whole family will use.

Enter our just-launched brand NEW sustainable Hand & Body Wash & Lotion team. With this gang, not only will you be switching to natural (hurrah), you’ll be taking a small step to sustainability too. And, as you may know, we’re all about the small steps which will build up to make a big difference. And for us, our sustainability pledge is just the same.

wash & lotion duo

We’re committed to being GOOD to the planet through small sustainable steps and choices for our products, packaging and our NEOM world. Where we can, we use recycled materials, minimal plastic, and each day we are working towards making all of our product packaging fully recyclable or refillable too.

So our new collection of sustainable Hand & Body Washes & Lotions aren’t just pretty-pink bottles (although they sure are), they’re made from 100% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable (saving over eight tonnes of virgin plastic waste). They really are clean on the outside as well as on the inside with naturally-good cleansing ingredients like seaweed and pomegranate and super nourishing natural extracts like shea butter and softening argan and sea buckthorn oils.

This collection is beyond just a hand & body wash and lotion. Make the switch, go natural (and sustainable), and feel good.

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Much love,

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