The low down from Neom HQ

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 10, 2021

The low down from Neom HQ

We’ve been really busy with a move to new offices with the most incredible views of the Yorkshire countryside. The move has already transformed the working day – we’re all spending so much time outdoors, in al fresco meetings, enjoying fresh-air-fuelled lunches, time to wander, think & breathe – and the funny thing is, we’re getting MORE done, because rather than wilting over our desks, we’re stepping out, breathing deep, freshening our minds, and coming back to work with bigger, better and brighter ideas.

That’s the thing about productivity – short bursts of clarity and inspiration often have a much bigger pay off than long, tired slogs where you’re not really thinking straight, but you force yourself to keep on going! The move has definitely given us a lot of healthy new perspective – and seeing my team really thrive with the more open set-up and approach to work has galvanised us all into dialling up our own wellbeing at work. I’m not talking mega-goals like marathons, but those small steps that make a big difference to the everyday.

Every week in June I nominated one of my brilliant team to become our NEOM Wellbeing Warrior for the week – and encourage the rest of us to swap one ‘normal’ work thing, for one that supercharged our wellbeing instead. Every single day we came up with some brilliant ideas! We bowed out of a boardroom meeting for a morning Pilates session instead (I’m definitely voting that we do this one more often!), swapped a morning coffee for a brain-boosting summer smoothie, put a pin in the morning moan in favour of a short but sweet gratitude note instead… and even ended the month with our very own NEOM Wellbeing Festival in the office grounds, which was just amazing – and made me pretty teary, seeing just how far we have come!

We balanced some pretty amazing frozen margaritas and THE best taco van in Yorkshire, with Hiit, yoga and a bloody delicious healthy bake-off – REAL wellbeing in living, breathing action (because, let’s face it, there’s nothing happier than a perfect cocktail enjoyed with work mates on a balmy summer evening!).

Urban Massage (who we have partnered with to serve up Neom Wellbeing Treatments at your home) even got involved in our wellbeing swaps (over 250 NEOM fans have already had a NEOM wellbeing treatment in their home since we launched earlier in the year). And, because we’re NEOM, we create REAL wellbeing treatments that have a noticeable effect on how people feel (as opposed to a bit of plinky plonky pampering).

The NEOM De-Stress Treatment by Urban Massage combines deep tissue, cranial and Thai massage, with acupressure and reflexology. It is OOTW! (OK, scrap that note about the cocktails – having a therapist come to your home for a mega relaxing NEOM massage is just about as good as it gets!) And if you want to get in on a bit of the Real Wellbeing action, you are in the right place – just give us a follow on Instagram @neomorganics where we are running amazing giveaways ALL month long, to help you sail through summer with a smile; and you can follow everything we’re up to with the #NeomRealWellbeing – and get involved too.

We’ve had a lot of amazing messages recently. I’ve been BLOWN AWAY by the positive comments about our Perfect Night’s Sleep Face Oil (58 five star reviews so far), like “Its amazing, can't believe the difference to my skin, inhaling the vapours is guaranteed to help relax and in no time drift off to sleep.”

I’ve also had some truly heartwarming messages. Last week we had an email saying “I suffer from ME and have struggled with it trying to rob me of my life. I purchased an Energy Burst On The Go Mist. It REALLY delivers and I can live again.” These messages have me glowing from the inside out. Wow… what a month it’s been!

Right… now, off to put my feet up, pour a glass of icy vino and enjoy this amazing summer evening… I think this gratitude thing is catching!

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Loads of summer love, Nicola x