Meet our NEW smarty-pants tube of wonder

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

Meet our NEW smarty-pants tube of wonder

Yay! They've arrived. AND, oh my, talk about a tube of natural goodness which seriously boosts your wellbeing. Meet the WONDER mineral... Hello NEW Magnesium Body Butter.

Hands up who wants to help ease anxiety, reduce muscle tension, restore balance (and get nourished skin), in one fell swoop? Who doesn't? Let's talk about our NEW Magnesium Body Butter. It's a bit of a hit in NEOM HQ - and we're pretty pleased with this newbie.

I'm all over magnesium - it's a bit of a wonder mineral which is vital to your health and wellbeing (and actually a mineral most of us are deficient in) AND absolutely brilliant for calming and catching better zzz’s too. But wait. When (like we have) it’s whipped up with seriously nourishing oils like coconut, grape seed, olive oil, aloe vera and shea butter PLUS our expertly blended essential oils, it’s a damn harder worker.

Just one tablespoon a day (smothered over your skin) is all you need to work on your wellbeing (and let’s not forget will make your skin silky soft too). Win win. Up your magnesium. Get the benefits.

Have you tried our Magnesium Body Butter?

Let us know how you’re finding it, what you love about it. OR why not post YOUR pic over on Instagram. Tag us @neomorganics. Discover our 100% Natural Magnesium Body Butter...

Much love,
Nicola x