LIVE from a wellbeing lunch with Hannah Michalak & NEOM founder Nicola Elliott

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

LIVE from a wellbeing lunch with Hannah Michalak & NEOM founder Nicola Elliott

Well that was pretty lovely! Last week, Team NEOM headed to London for a special wellbeing lunch hosted by mum of two and internet superstar Hannah Michalak along with NEOM Founder Nicola Elliott to talk all things wellbeing. Because when it comes to making the most of the small moments in life and using them to give your wellbeing a well deserved boost, Hannah was the first person we knew we had to chat to!

So, here’s the low down… Chloe and Charlotte, our super-smart PR gals created the most beautiful table of wellbeing to envelop our guests in the warming Scent to De-stress with 24 tension-relieving essential oils, and as it turned out, it’s exactly the wellbeing boost they needed.

Fabulous food (like truffle ravioli, seriously it was amazing!), a few glasses of prosecco and a group of great ladies (Hannah was joined by 10 of her favourite vlogging friends) along with Founder, Nicola Elliott, the gang talked about finding time for wellbeing, anxiety (and how to beat it), book tips and what wellbeing toolkit they have to help them feel good. As a super fan of NEOM, Hannah chose an edit of her absolute favourite NEOM products and told the room how she swears by using them… like how they help her sleep as well as giving the whole family a boost of energy in the morning... “I’ve always adored NEOM ever since my first ever candle purchase a few years ago. It was so hard to choose just a handful of NEOM products for my wellbeing edit, as I simply adore everything at NEOM.” Hannah Michalak.

When it comes to wellbeing the resounding ‘oh yes’ from the table was the importance of small steps, every day. It’s not always about the 6am yoga and the 48 hour digital detox, sometimes it can be as simple as creating a bedtime routine to allow your brain and body to slow down, making your bath or shower work twice as hard for you, or knowing you have a go-to energy burst in your handbag for when you need it most.

Guests also got a sneak peek at our next launch… NEW Natural Multi Mineral Bath Salts. With 84 naturally occurring minerals, skin-softening natural oils and our 100% natural fragrances they work damn hard so you can up your mineral game in just one bath.

“Wellbeing isn’t something you should feel guilty for, taking care of yourself truly matters. Without taking care of yourself how can you be expected to care for others, or excel at work or even be a great friend. It starts with you. It was such a lovely event and so important spreading the wellbeing message.” Hannah Michalak…

Head over to our Instagram Highlights to see more from the day and don’t forget you can boost your wellbeing the Hannah way by shopping her edit online NOW.