Like a supplement for your skin

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 11, 2021

Like a supplement for your skin

Introducing the NEW Clean & Happy Hand Sanitiser Spray

Our hands take quite the battering in winter, with cold air and indoor heating drying them out faster than we can keep up. Add in the extra (essential) handwashing and sanitising we’re all doing right now, and it’s a recipe for sad skin. But don’t worry we’ve got you! We’ve been thinking about GOOD BACTERIA, and our NEW Clean & Happy Hand Sanitiser Spray is not only super effective at cleaning and protecting, but it’s also a little nourishing treat at the same time. The type of product to pop in your bag when you’re out to dinner (when dinner is a thing again) or to look forward to using at feel-good moments throughout the day. AND it’s got pure essential oils, AND we’ve added prebiotic to restore that good bacteria.

How we’ve done it is down to some hard-working natural ingredients. Tea tree oil is the antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and anti-inflammatory hero of our natural sanitisers, working alongside the optimum level of alcohol (61%) to make sure 99.9% of bacteria is killed off while keeping you nourished. We wanted to make sure that silky, hydrated feeling stays with you so we’ve also added glyceryl glucoside and glycerin so hands are left happy not tight and dry – which is an all-too-familiar feeling after sanitising.

Skin-softening, check. Sanitising, check. Beautiful scent, check. But what about that prebiotic? We are always looking for ways to nourish – feeling good is an inside and out mission after all – and applying a prebiotic to your skin REALLY helps in your defence against the elements. We’re used to the concept of taking them in our food, but applying a prebiotic to the skin really helps restore the good bacteria in your skin’s microbiome balance. When this balance is correct, it’s your skin’s secret weapon against signs of ageing, redness and dryness. Every time you spritz and sanitise, you’ll be helping boost your skin’s natural defences so they stay feeling and looking great for longer – a bit like a food supplement for your skin.

Helping you feel good is our mission, and adding that extra layer of meaningful wellbeing is always our aim – why shouldn’t your sanitising handbag hero also be great for your skin, and give you a hit of uplifting mood-boosting scent? This is the product that will slot into your life and your daily carry throughout the new normal and beyond.

Hands need extra love, especially in winter and ESPECIALLY at the moment, so we recommend taking that extra time for you, and paying attention to the ritual we’ve all been thinking about way more than usual lately. Natural ingredients like argan oil in your hand wash will keep skin soft as well as clean, and following up with a lotion is a small step that makes a big difference. When out and about, pop a hand balm in your bag alongside your sanitiser for a boost any time, anywhere, because hand care is self-care.