In flight wellbeing hacks

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 08, 2021

In flight wellbeing hacks

Suitcase-friendly wellbeing faves that we love.

Whether you're in need of a wellbeing moment on the tube, something to HIT YOU UP on the plane on your way to a far flung location or just a damn good something on that city break to get your glow on. The NEOM team have got some tips for you on how to get the best of your pocket sized Wellbeing Minis.

Susie, Business Planning Analyst

"I get a little panicked when I fly, so I always keep my Stress Relief Pulse Point with me. A super-soothing roller ball, that fits into your bag or pocket. Add to you temples and wrists and the back of your neck when you're feeling the need for a little calm." 

Jodie, Lead Designer 

"Give yourself a mid flight facial. The 5ml Perfect Night's Sleep Face Oil works when you press a few drops onto your skin, whilst you breathe in and out. It not only leaves your skin deeply nourished and hydrated, but the essential oils (blended at the perfect percentage for your skin) help you relax and ease any travel stress."

Chloe, PR Manager

"It's no secret I take my Pillow Mist everywhere with me. So it's no surprise that it also gets a place in my back pocket on the plane too. I like to wear a comfy, floaty dress so I spritz on my dress (and a little on the little plan pillow) and get some zzz's." 

Emma, Business Development Manager

"I love the little Body Oil. Not only do I use it as a natural version to a chemical-laden aftersun when I get on hol, I also like to hydrate my skin whilst on the move too. The plane can be pretty drying to skin, so I massage the oil into my forearms, calves and shins for an instant moisture boost."