How using essential oils can even out your skin tone

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 07, 2021

How using essential oils can even out your skin tone

When it comes to skincare concerns, pigmentation and dark spots are up there with wrinkles. However while we can forgive fine lines (after all they show off life experience and laughter which is a positive) nothing scuppers an even skin tone like a patch of pigmentation.

Whether it's hormones, overexposure to the sun or a side effect of medication, they can appear at any age and while antioxidants and SPF can help prevent them, once you've noticed them appear you need ingredients that work to repair and heal. 

Which is where essential oils can steal the spotlight. Unlike harsh over the counter 'corrective' treatments that bleach the skin and fade the discolouration, essential oils gently regenerate the cells, restore damaged skin and help soothe and calm inflammation and dryness. Treating the entire area rather than just where the pigmentation has appeared it means your entire face will see the benefits. 

Of course, there are oodles of essential oils to choose form but for the real hard hitters in erasing dark spots, lavender, geranium and turmeric are a great place to start. We've divided and conquered and included a mix of both in our new skincare collection. While Ultimate Calm contains a blend of lavender and geranium with pomegranate (a great carrier oil as it penetrates the skin quickly so those pigmentation-fighting ingredients can get to work pronto), Great Day Glow is packed with turmeric and geranium. 

Why are these oils so ace at their job? Well for starters, lavender is known to be anti-inflammatory and helps skin repair faster. Then there is geranium - a natural astringent which is also super soothing and helps to improve hydration (which leads to plumper, even skin) while turmeric has been used in Ayurvedic practices for centuries to help level out skin tone, prevent blemishes and moderate melanin production (often the cause of pigmentation). Mix them together and you get powerhouse products that help create a smooth, unblemished base. Use them in conjunction with ingredients that save your skin from free radicals and you're on track for a healthy, radiant complexion 24/7.