How To Make Over Your Morning

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Jun 02, 2021

How To Make Over Your Morning

The way we begin each day has been shown to affect our mood, energy and productivity for the rest of the day. Here’s how to shake up your wake-up, so that you get to rise and SHINE.

1. Snooze, you lose.

Sleep researchers have long warned about the effects of repeatedly hitting the snooze button in the morning. “If alarming your heart, quite literally, were not bad enough, using the snooze feature means you will repeatedly inflict that cardiovascular assault again and again within a short span of time,” says Professor Matthew Walker, of the University of California’s Centre for Human Sleep Science. Blimey (and here we thought it was worth it just to get a few more blissful moments of shut-eye?). Professor Walker’s advice? Disable the snooze button (ouch) and work on making over your sleep routine instead.

2. Set your intention.

For a lot of us, the time between waking up and getting out of bed is filled with a flurry of mental activity. We reel through the things we mustn’t forget, focus on the things we’re dreading, and imagine all of the things we need to achieve (and all that might go wrong), all in the space of just a few short minutes. The result? Mental overwhelm before we’ve even climbed out from under the duvet. No wonder so many of us hate mornings! Instead of letting your brain go into negative overdrive, wake up, and with eyes still closed, focus on just ONE thing that you are looking forward to achieving or experiencing that day. It could be the feeling of finishing a big project, or simply the quiet moment you’ll have to yourself as you walk to work after the school run. Hold that thought in your mind (and only that thought) for a minute, which is long enough to press pause on the other thoughts that are queuing up to derail you from achieving it. Now, take a deep breath, open your eyes, and get ready to go into your day with a clear and positive mindset.

3. Power shower

Adding some aromatherapeutic zing to your morning is one of the best ways to boost mood and elevate energy, but few of us have time to soak in the tub – which is why our customers love our Energy Burst Body Wash. When the hot water comes into contact with the uplifting essential oils of lemon, grapefruit and rosemary it creates a steamy cloud of energising scent – the perfect pre-work power-up. Add to that the 2015 study that found that those who took a hot-to-cold shower were 29% less likely to call in sick, and we’re plumping for a cold rinse to finish: race you!

energy eats

4. Energy eats

We are calling out those ‘breakfast biscuits’ right here, right now – there is no way that a pile of wheat and sugar is going to fuel our bodies up until lunchtime (who are they kidding?). First things first – drink one glass of warm water on waking (your body’s been fasting all night, and needs to rehydrate before it can refuel). If we’re in a real rush, we take our breakfasts to go, but there’s always time to whip it up at home first. Simply whizz up your milk or yoghurt of choice (try coconut yoghurt or almond milk) with a handful of berries, oats, seeds, and a squeeze of raw honey, and you have a satiating start to your day, which will keep hunger pangs at bay. If we have time to sit in, we’ll take an omelette with greens, tomatoes, mushrooms and rye bread on the side – the combination of complex grains, veg and protein is a dream breakfast date, keeping pangs at bay for hours. Not an egg lover? Try live natural yoghurt (or coconut / almond yoghurt) and low sugar granola (we like Deliciously Ella and Rude Health), topped with fresh fruit and a big sprinkling of fibre- and omega-rich linseed.

5. Tech-free 60

Most of us still go to bed with our phones even though we know it’s messing with our sleep (and stress levels). The fact is, waking up to a bleeping phone sends your nervous system into overdrive. There are stressful emails that came in overnight, there are weird SM alerts that unsettle you, the comparisons kick in (look at what she’s having for breakfast?), and let’s be honest, mornings are manic enough without all of this utterly unnecessary stuff competing for your headspace. Committing to a more restful morning – breakfast and shower, before you switch on again – will allow you to begin each day on your own terms, and with far more positive peace of mind.

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