How to keep cosy in winter

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 09, 2021

How to keep cosy in winter

Now the clocks have changed we're officially on the home run to winter. Eek! Darker nights, a drop in temperature and cravings for comfort food are a daily occurrence, so we're wondering if Hygge is still a THING? Well, who cares because what's not to love about cosy nights in and bunkering down?

Everyone at NEOM HQ is agreed, the sporty peeps, the party animals and the young hip crew alike, that a cosy night IN is sooooo GOOD. We’re talking slippers over heels and ‘Hygge-ing’ up our homes (because no-one wants a chill in the air when they get in from a long days work/dog walk/school drop off). So here’s our go-to winter warmers and mood-lifters to stay cosy this winter. 


It’s not eco or cost effective to have the heating full blast 24/7 but that’s where systems like Hive can be great. Not only can you control them via your phone, you can schedule boosts from 30 minutes to two hours that can be activated outside the house so when you walk in the door, it’s toasty and warm for you.

Layers and loungewear are another one of our saviours. We’re loving
fleecy materials and soft cotton that’s breathable and moves with your body. The dream, and ideal for those moments when PJs aren’t appropriate! (Although we’d wear the cute new ‘boxy shirt’ from Desmond and Dempsey any day).

Don’t underestimate the power of a hot water bottle either. Right now, we’ve been wowed by the cashmere Yuyu bottle – a long version (that looks like a draft excluder) but it's seriously dreamy when it’s wrapped around your body. And it stays warm for up to six hours too.

Weighted blankets and throws are another good shout and John Lewis has just launched it’s own range – proof that demand is there. A more environmentally way to heat your bed than an electric blanket you can wrap it around you on the sofa too.


When the cold gets to your bones, it's hard not to feel irritable and snappy. It can also take longer to get going in the morning, as your body has to work harder to kick into gear. Hello tub time. As if you needed an excuse for a bath, pop on a podcast or your favourite tunes and snuggle into some softly scented bubbles. Or if you need some rest and recovery after a workout session, smother your skin (post bath) with a dollop of Magnesium Body Butter that contains vital minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc to ease muscles and gently help detoxify.

Immersing yourself in warm water also releases endorphins, just like when you feel the sun on your skin and it helps blood flow increase to the skin which is why a morning bath can be beneficial to get the circulation going and leave you feeling pumped and ready to go.

Much like a cosy throw or blanket, the pressure of water on your chest also increases your lung capacity and oxygen intake so it’s the perfect place to practice some breathing (we swear by breathing in for 7 and then out for 11 seconds).. There’s also the sensory aromas you can inhale too. Whether it’s relaxing or energising, just make sure you have a fluffy towel or dressing gown ready and waiting to be wrapped in.


Soft lighting is an instant calmer and de-stresser and it can’t just be us that finds the flicker of a flame hypnotic. Whether you invest in some fairy lights and pop them on a timer so they light up five minutes before you get home and you don’t have to fumble around with keys and bags when you get in or light a candle in the evening and become mesmerised by the flickering shadows on a wall, it’s an easy way to add atmosphere into your living quarters.

Natural light will also be your saviour and help you feel chipper so position reading chairs or sofas near a window if possible. It will also make you feel super snug when you’re curled up in a ball watching what the winter weather is doing outside knowing you don’t have to face it full on.


Listening to your body through the seasons is important – there’s a reason we crave carbs – it’s to give our body the energy it needs to provide an internal radiator and keep us functioning. Earthy root vegetables are great for this so embrace squashes, beets and sweet potatoes and roast them for easy snacks or make them into chunky soups and stews.

It’s also a good time to expand your hot drink portfolio. Loads of coffee shops now offer alternatives like Chai Lattes or Turmeric lattes – the latter is fab if you’re feeling a bit run down as turmeric is such a powerful anti-inflammatory spice so is another way to keep your insides in tip-top condition.

And let’s not forget those hot chocolates. The Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is seriously next level and uses the purest chocolate – try it with full fat or coconut milk and you’ll be praying for wet and rainy days so you can stay in and indulge!