How to Create Your Perfect Home Yoga Studio

Posted by PR Neom, Jun 14, 2021

How to Create Your Perfect Home Yoga Studio

We LOVE a bit of yoga here at NEOM! Being in tune with your mind and body can work wonders for your sleeping pattern and your overall wellbeing.

But don’t worry if you can’t, or don’t have time to, pop down to your local ‘zen-zone’ - you can create your perfect yoga studio at home! Here’s how in 3 easy steps...

A De-Cluttered Space For A De-Cluttered Mind

We get it. Tidying up doesn’t exactly sound like a fun way to relax and unwind. But making sure that your yoga space is clear is REALLY important.

This is where you’ll go to clear your mind completely, and being surrounded by a load of mess isn’t going to help you to do that! Yoga is designed to be practised in a minimalist space, so any room in the house can be the perfect spot to practice your yoga routine; bedroom, living room, even your bathroom! Pick whatever works best for you.

Another good tip is to set up a mirror that’s about 6 feet away from you. This will allow you to check your poses and posture. Namaste!

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Natural Light for a Natural Soul!

Good lighting is vital to an optimum yoga routine. Reduce artificial brightness by turning the lights down low and try to amplify any natural light by setting up your mat near a window.

Meanwhile, light some candles nearby for a warm and tranquil glow. Our Real Luxury Scented Candle is infused with 24 essential oils that are designed to help you to relax and de-stress. Inhale the floral aromas of Brazilian rosewood and jasmine before you begin to prepare your mind and body for ultimate relaxation.


Utilise ALL the Senses!

So you’ve nearly set everything up, but there’s just one more thing to do if you haven’t opted for a scented candle. Yoga requires you to get in touch with all 5 of your senses, including your sense of smell. So, you need to make sure that the space smells AMAZING.

Place a Wellbeing Pod near your mat, pop in our Focus The Mind Essential Oil Blend and turn it on. Inhale the fragrances of pine, cedarwood and eucalyptus as you go through your routine. This will inspire an atmosphere of calm and wellness.

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